Like A Dream (or Nightmare)

I admire my mom for a lot of things, but photography is not one of them. You know those people who, when you ask them to take a picture, don’t even try to focus before snapping it and sometimes move their hands (and camera) down while/directly after pressing the button? Yeah, that’s her. Hamdlelah though (love you, mama).

Since she’s the person to take my pictures while I’m here in Oslo, it is not unlikely that you’ll see more pictures of the quality below in the next couple of weeks. With the already blurred look, I tried to keep the color scheme faded and somewhat dreamy to match. It works with the background but is certainly not ideal.

Oh. Fact about this sweater: it is size large or extra large and the female store attendant in City Stars – seeing my actual size – actively tried to persuade me to get a smaller size with no luck. I wanted it baggy like that. Yet, when I posted one of these pictures on my Facebook page I immediately got the normal tight-clothes-with-hijab accusation I get now and then. Go figure; I always buy clothes several sizes too big. Yalla, let’s move on to the outfit details.


Scarf: Egypt, neck scarf: Unique Hijabs, biker vest: River Island, baggy sweater: Only, tribal maxi skirt: Forever21, studded ankle boots: River Island, accessories: Icing.

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One thought on “Like A Dream (or Nightmare)

  1. lvernon20 says:

    Sister, I really love your outfit. I am following you now 🙂 I’d like to see more. If you get a chance you can check out mine too. Thanks.

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