The Neon Kimono

There are few garments I love more than loose, full length open kimonos one can just throw over anything for an instantly modest look. Imagine my joy when I found this neon yellow, light material  robe below at H&M for a modest price. I suspect it is a swimwear coverup but hey, who cares what stuff originally is for as long as it serves the duty (as in getting more out of maxi dresses by wearing them folded as high-waist maxi skirts, for example, or using skinny studded belts as bracelets)?

Why am I wearing my clutch on my face here? No, it is not an attempt at a fancy pose. I was trying to take some OOTD pictures when suddenly a guy popped out of nowhere with his cellphone cam. My reaction time was pretty good, and I managed to hide my face before he managed to get a shot. Needless to say, the pictures below were taken at a different location – around the corner after we bounced. But yeah, Oslo, what’s up with your people acting like they’ve never seen somebody in the process of taking pictures before?

Jersey scarf (this has become such a favorite piece): Unique Hijabs, neon kimono: H&M, black dungarees: Boohoo, lizard clutch (poor thing): Vintage (my mom’s closet), flats: some local store, accessories: River Island, Icing

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3 thoughts on “The Neon Kimono

  1. boshra says:

    amazing as always, wheres the kimono from?

  2. Chelsea says:

    Hi!!! Been looking for this kimono
    Which h&m store did you get it from?? Thanj

  3. boblist says:

    Love this Kimono…going to wear it on the fashion week opening party in Berlin… :)) Greats, b.

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