Picnic by the Sea

Yesterday was spent with my mom and sister – a quite welcome thing as we’re usually all pretty busy, even when I’m in town. As the weather was acceptable and we live 3 minutes walking from the sea, we figured we’d take some food out to a small park in the newly extended (and really beautiful) harbor area.


We spent some quality time in our hippie-ish ensembles enjoying a simple dinner of fattoush, baba ghannoug, and.. wait for it.. something really, really classy.. Turkey hot dogs, haha (haven’t had that in an eternity). The view, atmosphere, and fresh air merited a gold star in Oslo’s grade book for the day.

picnicbytheseaScarf: Forever21, neck scarf: Gina Tricot (Norway), long ethnic print vest: River Island, tiger print shirt: some Norwegian store, maxi skirt: Stradivarius, lizard clutch: Vintage (fetched from mom’s closet), sandals: New Look, accessories: Icing, River Island


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4 thoughts on “Picnic by the Sea

  1. thequackkiller says:

    Hey! I really love your hijab styles, specifically the ones where you sort of stack layers in a triangular-shape over your head. I want to achieve that look myself, can you give me some pointers? Also, is it just a regular scarf you use, or what? I’m a Hijabi from Atlanta, Ga! That is also cool you travel the world..what do you do?!

  2. Ňå Đã says:

    Beautiful as always …hope u always be happy 🙂

  3. Aphrodite says:

    Hi, I accidently bumpted into your blog. Such a great style you have!

  4. Tudung says:

    Turban is nice and it really give cool look due to ocean look at background. Hijab turbans are trend now and i will love to see more from you. Great job really appreciate.

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