Walking Away

Know what is great about Oslo, Cairo, and other normal cities as opposed to the ones in the Midwest? You can actually walk around. And in the former, with its fresh air and lack of harassment, it is an enjoyable activity, even for the anti-work out human being that is me. Below are two veeeery casual outfits put together with not much else in mind than taking a walk (gotta take advantage of this unique opportunity to walk fast with layers in the middle of the summer without melting). Best thing about my new-found sportiness? I can eat even more Norwegian chocolate (and drink the awesome-looking but pretty bad-tasting Coke below).


Scarf: Egypt, Neck scarf: Norway, camo print utility vest: H&M, grey denim shirt: Vero Moda, washed-out jeans: H&M, bag: Gina Tricot (Norway), ankle boots: River Island, accessories: Icing, ASOS


Isn’t this Coke the coolest? I’ve never bought a bottle myself before (I generally dislike soda – excluding Schweppes Tangerine and Gold in Egypt which taste heavenly – and I really really dislike Coke), but they got my money with this ‘habiby’ label.


Oslo can be quite idyllic at times in the summer when the weather is acceptable.


Scarf: Egypt, neck scarf: H&M, fringed suede vest: River Island, dungarees: River Island, aquarium print clutch/laptop bag: ASOS, flats: Ebay, accessories: H&M

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One thought on “Walking Away

  1. Ňå Đã says:

    Cool outfits Iman ….:)

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