A Cultured Kinda Day

To me, Norway is all about family time and catching up with old friends, usually. Yesterday was a mix of that with some culture added. I started my day with a meeting with journalist, author, and documentary director Walid Al-Kubaisi, discussing Islam, Muslims, the traditionally rich diversity of thought and practices within the religion, and problematic issues in the present time over a cup of coffee (I’m a coffee drinker who hates coffee but drinks it anyway). It is always great to have solid exchanges of thoughts, and this session did not disappoint.


(Upper left: Sneaky selfie in front of Munch’s The Scream, upper right: during my meeting with Walid Al-Kubaisi, lower left: Me with my ticket prior to entering the exhibition, lower right: my friends and I waiting to see our Sarah work that catwalk)

After such a refreshing start, I thought I’d check out an exhibition of the paintings of Norway’s perhaps most well-known painter, Edward Munch, with my grandma (here’s where the family time comes in). The paintings were a combination of famous classics and some privately-owned less-known pieces. All in all, the National Gallery here has done an excellent job juxtaposing works and creating atmosphere with rooms painted in different colors. If you’re in town, you should definitely pay the exhibition a visit.

Later in the day, my friend Sarah (who you’ve surely seen in some previous posts from Oslo) called me up as she was walking for some new-to-Norway t-shirt brands later that evening. I went to see her, of course, as I’ve lived abroad for her entire modeling career. She looked and did amazing, we had a great time (akeed), and as a bonus, I got myself two male size XL Hous and Emperor’s New Clothes t-shirts to rock as tunics later on.


Tribal print scarf: Urban Outfitters, neon eternity scarf: Vero Moda, studded denim vest: River Island, statement sequined sweater: River Island, skirt: Ebay (angel-secret), clutch: vintage from mom’s closet, accessories: ASOS, Boohoo, Ebay, H&M

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