Leaving Granada

I knew I’d love Granada just based on its monuments and nature. I did not even imagine the Critical Muslim Studies program I attended would give anything near what it has provided in terms of ideas, friendships, and fun. Late night discussion sessions on the rooftop balcony and early intensive lectures took its toll; it was a sleepless 10-day period, but it was well worth losing sleep over. Really. I hope to be back next year with some of my favorite people from this year’s program (you know who you are ♥), as well as new, fresh faces if time allows it, iA.


Here are my last Granada outfits. I’ll wrap up the Spain OOTDs with a Barcelona post tomorrow. As with the last post this is done from my phone, and as such the picture quality and setup are different than usual. We shall be back to business as usual by the middle of the coming week.


(What I’m wearing: scarf: Egypt, neckscarf: H&M, oriental embroidery varsity jacket: Zara, dungarees: Boohoo, bag: Gina Tricot (Norway), leopard print sandals: New Look, accessories: ASOS, Icing, River Island)


(What I’m wearing: Scarf: mom’s closet, fringed flower print kimono: Zara, denim shirt: Ebay, maxi skirt: Zara, carved leather bag: street shop in Granada, shoes: Club Aldo (Egypt), accessories: Urban Outfitters, Gina Tricot (Norway), Icing, Accessorize)

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2 thoughts on “Leaving Granada

  1. H M F says:

    Amazing photos girl! x

  2. Laila says:

    Beautiful pics, and I love that love outfit, that skirt it’s stunning!

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