Hammer Time

After some detours through Helsinki, Finland to the east, Chicago, Illinois to the West, and secondary inspections at the US immigration (do I look that scary? This is the second time it happens! They didn’t hold me for too long this time around, however – I think the countries I visited this time around couldn’t justify making me miss my connection  for a longer interview) I finally made it back to Michigan. Now even though I’m not the biggest fan of small town Midwest, it is always good to come home to my own bed, my wardrobe (living out of a suitcase is far from an ideal situation for someone who does not normally wear the same outfit twice), and – after the two weeks in Spain – some real morning food! What a luxury a simple breakfast of quality black tea, zait we zaatar, labneh, and boiled eggs with sumac and cumin feels like after having lived on plastic wrapped croissants and fake la vache qui rit cheese for 14 days!


Having my entire wardrobe to my disposal again felt quite liberating, and so I celebrated by putting together something edgy; a vintage gold brocade blazer with a velvet collar on top of a tribal print embellished top and a serious case of hammer pants. And so my day filled with errands and attempts at catching up became much easier to deal with. I’m a staunch believer in dressing to feel good.

Which reminds me, on a somewhat unrelated note, of something I thought about earlier today; how convenient it is – when dressing like I do – not having to take into consideration opinions about my sartorial choices from a better half. Most of the time when I look myself in the mirror wearing what I deem a successful outfit, my thoughts usually go along the lines of “daaaym, I look eccentric/fly. I also look quite intimidating and unattractive to straight guys. Sort of like a Muslim man repeller.” And that’s how I like it.


Scarf: H&M, neck scarf: Gina Tricot (Norway), brocade and velvet boyfriend blazer: vintage, tribal embellished top: River Island, linen harem pants: Spain, bag: Gina Tricot (Norway), golden gladiator sandals: H&M, accessories: Icing, Ebay

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3 thoughts on “Hammer Time

  1. I’m a new hijab blogger and was wondering if you could share my blog on your blog? My blog name is kawthar151.blog.com 🙂 I don’t have that many readers. :/

  2. boblist says:

    I love your rings…. I really need to buy more of them!! Greats, b.

  3. Hirra says:

    ” I also look quite intimidating and unattractive to straight guys. Sort of like a Muslim man repeller.” And that’s how I like it.”

    I don’t know why someone as beautiful as yourself would ever come across as unattractive and I wonder what makes you think that you come off as a “Muslim man repeller” I mean if you are considered unattractive to guys then I guess there’s no hope for me at all. lol.

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