Move-out Days

So I’m going to Egypt with a short layover in New York next week! That’s the good news (as long as the airport stays open in the aftermath of the June 30th protests). The bad news is that before Wednesday I have to pack for that 1.5 month trip as well as packing and emptying out my entire apartment(!). Sigh. I really don’t know where to begin. I’m also prepping for Ramadan by fasting a bit, which makes the job somewhat more difficult. Oh well. It has to be done so it will be, eventually.


As I’m “photographerless” for some days (not having the time to go out and meet any friend I can pester to take my photos) it is sort of difficult to do full OOTD pictures, and so I leave you with these “advanced” selfies for now 🙂 “Advanced” cause they show a little more than just my face and big hijab.


Scarf: Egypt, neck scarf: Beautifully Covered by Lili, longline tribal and denim vest: River Island, maxi peplum dress: Abaya Addict, humongous oversized bag: Urban Outfitters, accessories: Icing, River Island, Urban Outfitters.

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One thought on “Move-out Days

  1. Naseem Hussain says:

    Iman, you are doing a great job at promoting a unique style of fashion with a East-West twist. I have been following your career from Dubai. Awesome.

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