N A Exclusive Abayas Review

Ramadan Kareem, everybody. I’ve been neglecting my blog as I’ve been moving out, stopping by New York, and getting settled in Egypt (including visiting protests in Raba3a and Etihadeya), but now it is time to catch up with the material I have lying around, starting with these pictures of my peachy sequined waterfall abaya from N A Exclusive Abayas, taken by my dear Anushey (check her out on Instagram, yo!).


This abaya arrived tailor made for me, as is the case with everything you order from this company (isn’t that great?), with two different scarves. The black with peach sequins is the standard, while I requested the solid peach as I wanted to do something different than the all-black khaleeji look. I love the material of both shaylas – they are really lightweight – but I think they would be easier to manage if the sequins were on only one of the short ends as is the case with most scarves accompanying abayas from the Gulf.


I have no complaints about the abaya itself; it is simply gorgeous. Of course the shape makes it extra comfortable, as it is extremely roomy and flowy on the top and gradually gets narrower toward the bottom. The material is super light, the peach sequins are evenly and tightly arranged, perfectly accenting the (also peach colored) soft, silky material running down the one leg side of the garment. The coolest thing about the abaya is the Grecian-like draping on the back – see the third picture (that’s the reason it is called a waterfall abaya, I suppose).

Check out this one and get lost in their huge selection of other abayas and jilbabs on N A Exclusive Abayas Facebook page – that’s currently where you do the orders as well. And do check in for more posts from Ann Arbor, New York, and Egypt here on The Hijablog really soon.






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5 thoughts on “N A Exclusive Abayas Review

  1. wonderfully beautiful!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! Shukran!

  3. I love the draping on your abaya, and the back is so beautiful, thank you for sharing… it gave me some good design ideas. Ramadan Kareem!

  4. ” salam alkm sister how can i buy this abaya please… Including shipping for France”

  5. Usha says:

    I am not Muslim but this abaya is stunning! Since this post is old, and this reader is new – Eid Mubarrak to you!

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