Sharing is Caring/Be a Kid Sometimes

We are almost half-way through Ramadan. My oh my how time flies. Much time has passed since the last blog update too, leaving me with several outfits to post asap (keep checking in). My month has been wonderful thus far, but I’m basically never at home. I’m longing for some non-social, Imaan-only days, but I suppose I won’t see those until I get back from Cairo, iA (I love people but you know, sometimes it is good to have time for yourself to reflect and read a good book not related to my academic path).

Social gatherings are not a waste of time in the holy month, however. Creating a sense of community is not only beautiful; it very much pertains to the spirit of Ramadan. Looking beyond one’s private relationship with God, religion provides guidelines and regulations of social relations with the primary goal of creating just, well-functioning societies. How giving isn’t it to come together, to share smiles, food, knowledge, and worship?

Yesterday, we decided to try something a bit different. Rather than meeting familiar faces, a friend of mine utilized one of the social media options out there (Meetup) to put together a dish party (or potluck) at her place in Zamalek consisting of girls only from the mid-20s to the mid-50s (?), most of which were perfect strangers. Apart from the deliciousness of the savory and sweet dishes shared between us (yours truly provided makarona bel bechamel and oven baked stuffed chicken with apricots and nuts), rewarding discussions over the post-iftar tea and coffee led to new friendships and plans for additional gatherings. Despite the wide variation in age and careers the ladies were gems who I can’t wait to catch up with again. And Meetup? I’m definitely using it again; this coming week a very different group focusing on entrepreneurship and the new media are having a bigger dish party iftar, also in Zamalek. I’ll be there.


(What I’m wearing: scarf: H&M, zebra print neck scarf: H&M, studded jersey-back shirt: H&M, neon print washed-out tank top: H&M, maxi skirt: Zara, gladiator sandals: New Look, wrist cuffs: SIMO – check them out! I’ll get back to doing a review of their gorgeous stuff at a later point)

When it comes to the two outfits in this post, you should notice that although the color palette is fairly different, a lot of the items are recycled in both, including the studded, beige shirt, the zebra square scarf, and the gladiator sandals. That’s what is bound to happen when one is traveling for an extended period of time, sadly. Nevertheless, try to reuse the items in your bags with different colors and cuts, and few will notice 🙂


Oh, and don’t forget to play. Be a kid sometimes. We had so much fun with this improvised childhood “device” (my friends and I could not recall the word for it in any language we know) created out of a napkin, makeup (for the outside colors; no fancy crayons here), and a pen (for creating the lame fortunes) while sipping tea and ramadan drinks in a cafe some hours after isha. Apparently, my friend is marrying the son of the bawab (doorman), another is marrying in underwear (astaghfirullah), one is being recruited to Western intelligence (the luckiest one), and I’m getting abducted by the same intelligence institutions. Ooops. Slightly closer to 30 than 20, I’m occasionally more of a kid than I was at the age of twelve (and I’m loving it!).


(What I’m wearing: zebra print headscarf: H&M, fringed eternity scarf: Gina Tricot (Norway), studded jersey back shirt: H&M, tank top: H&M, tiered lace maxi skirt: Urban Outfitters, lizard clutch: vintage, accessories: River Island, Ebay, Icing, Urban Outfitters)

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2 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring/Be a Kid Sometimes

  1. Both of these outfits are gorgeous! I especially love that white tiered maxi skirt!

  2. It’s called a chatterbox!

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