Ramadan Around C-town

One of many reasons why I love Ramadan in Cairo is the many social events – iftar with friends and friends’ families, dish party networking iftars, and and after-iftar/sohoor events (as I’ve mentioned earlier, there’s no place like Cairo by night). Especially the startup/entrepreneurship community are good at these latter ones and so I’ve made it to quite a few of those, meeting some of Egypt’s bright, young minds. Among other cool community iftars, a vegan/vegetarian one at Bikya book cafe in el Maadi was very different affair as Cairo is probably not the easiest place for people avoiding meat.


(What I’m wearing: pleated scarf: H&M, neck scarf: Forever21, chiffon shirt: H&M, embroidered/beaded tank top: Pull & Bear, lace tiered maxi skirt: Urban Outfitters, belt: ASOS)

What I also appreciate is the sense of community across the society this one month, evident in the free juice, candy, and dates handed out along the streets as the call for maghreb gets close. Even in the poorer, slum-like areas, people would graciously hand you small plastic bags of tamr hindi to break fasr on, something that came in handy while on the autostrad running late on my way to one of the above mentioned  events (see the below; we actually had a 5-minute stop in this run-down area)


Lastly, but even more importantly, I love the late night tahajjud prayer, and I’m so happy I have friends who are able to convince me to tag along sometimes. Few things are more beautiful than worship with a Nile view. It is my hope that you all get to enjoy your last weeks of Ramadan, and make the very best of its awesomeness. I certainly will.


(Picking out a quick sohoor before tahajjud with a dear friend in Metro market, Zamalek)

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2 thoughts on “Ramadan Around C-town

  1. Jay says:

    Oh my goodness, I absolutely love your blog and you have given me hopes again on how to re-live fashion without breaking the “too tight” and “too much skin” rules enforced on me, I absolutely love your Ideas and sense of fashion!!

  2. White Pearl says:

    You look really gorgeous and colorful 🙂

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