The Millitant Ballerina (or How to Tone Down Sugariness)

Ok, so the living-out-of-a-suitcase life is really starting to bore me. While traveling the new places and people at least makes up for it; here in Michigan there are no distractions or inducements making it worth it. My clothes and accessories are sadly still stuck in storage behind all my furniture until this weekend when I will finally move in to a new place. Can’t wait to be united with you again, darlings!


But for now, I have to be extremely creative as to use the few pieces at my disposal anew. My cream tutu was the only thing I brought to Cairo that I was not brave enough to wear there (oh, and imagine the nasty things that would get stuck in it from the streets if I did), and so it seemed like an obvious option back here. I tried to pair it with the most “rough” style of garments otherwise, to tone down the formal sweetness of it all. Camo-colored pieces with leather details, studs, and animal prints did the job, I believe. Ain’t no fairytale princesses and unicorns up in here.


Scarf: H&M, infinity fringed neck scarf: Gina Tricot (Norway), chiffon shirt: Vero Moda, utility vest with leather details: Zara, ballerina skirt: Ebay, studded “wrestler” belt: ASOS

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4 thoughts on “The Millitant Ballerina (or How to Tone Down Sugariness)

  1. CoveredGrandDame says:

    I love the Tutu, You look Beautiful, mA!

  2. 3arabigirl says:

    you pull of the tutu so well, i would never be able to! xx

  3. ridakhan19 says:

    Where did you get the tutu?!?

  4. Taylor-Kate says:

    I really like your style! It is so fun and eclectic!


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