Conference of the Birds +1

I’ve moved! It took some days to settle in and get everything in place, but I finally have all my clothing with me again! What I don’t have, however, is internet. And you can imagine how that is as a blogger. Not the best situation at all. Thus this will be another brief ootd x 2 post. Expect neater pictures up very soon though, as I just shot two new outfits with the ever talented Langston Hues yesterday.


Leopard print scarf: some US discount store, pleated neck scarf: H&M, bird print sweat shirt: Zara, maxi skirt: Forever21, clutch: Francesca’s, flip-flops (ugh): Tj Maxx, accessories: Icing, H&M, Accessorize


Scarf: Egypt, tribal print kimono/cardigan: Stradivarius, boyfriend jeas: ASOS, bag: Guess, studded gladiator sandals: River Island


And this, my friends, is how I look “behind the scenes”, or more accurately, when I’ve had enough of posing and want my phone back. Right there and then. The zombie look, basically.

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2 thoughts on “Conference of the Birds +1

  1. shafiyacosmetics says:

    Love how you style your outfits up, you stunning mashallah ❤ x

  2. kara says:

    can you PLEASE do a tutorial on how you did your scarf in the hijabista black aztec scarf photo

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