THE Dress by Rayan

If you are a hijabi or just like to cover in general, chances are high that you’ve searched for full-length, full-sleeve evening wear before without luck. Many of us end up throwing a bolero or jacket on top of sleeveless gowns, or layering it with the dreaded Carina (long-sleeved coverup top – don’t do it, it is almost NEVER a good idea). I myself usually end up in a vintage dress, since many of the ’70s formal dresses come in a hijab friendly cut by default.

Nevertheless, good vintage isn’t always easy to come by, and so when I first discovered Rayan’s fantastic debut collection, I couldn’t but wish for a piece for myself. My little wish came true when I met the fabulous sisters behind the brand at Fashion Fighting Famine, where I got the chic dress below. I feel bad that it took me so long to finally get it up on the page – while I soon found an occasion to wear it at (a friend’s wedding), I never received the first set of pictures I took with the dress, and then my summer plans delayed a second shoot until my return (perhaps there was a meaning behind it all, as my homie Langston Hues‘ skills are always worth waiting for).


In any case, I sincerely want you to know how much I love this dress. It is dressy enough for a wedding, but simple enough for less festive events (I also wore it to a fundraiser, thus being guilty of “recycling”  which, *shhh* I usually don’t do – obviously I love it a lot). The cut is extremely flattering, and the peplum is a great way to have a fitted skirt while still being relatively covered. Wearing it is a dream due to the stretchy-cottony fabric it comes in; it allows for maximum freedom of movement (I even climbed a roof with it, but then again I have years of childhood tree-climbing experience, making roof-climbing in formal wear and heels a piece of cake).





You should really check out Rayan’s beautiful selection of dresses (and follow them on Facebook too, for news on new designs).

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