The Parachute-Look Maxi

You know when there’s a sale on one of your favorite sites and you spot that unusual garment you’d never buy for its original price but impulse-buy now that it is within reach? This maxi dress was such a buy. I was overexcited to snatch the very last one from ASOS a year and a half ago or so, but then when it appeared in the mail it was just meeh. I figured it looked like a parachute (it certainly feels like such in terms of texture), clown apparel, or maybe a Pride graduation gown. I hid it in the deepest depths of my closet and sort of overlooked it, sort of forgot all about it. Until today. In the mood for colors, I poked my head into my maxi dress, abaya, and jumpsuit closet to check for an easy solution. And lo and behold; there was the parachute dress beaming with its signal block colors between otherwise somber palettes. I figured I would give it a chance.

Because I had tried and rejected the look of a normal under-the-chin hijab style in a matching color at the time I received the dress (it sort of looked like my head was stitched to the dress that way with all the color blocking going on), I decided that I needed to break the blocking with a neutral color neck scarf to keep the Spanish-wrapped headscarf in the main color of the dress. Accessories were kept at a minimum as the dress is a little too much in itself. Success. The clownish dress looked decidedly less ridiculous and I actually felt good about it.

Style tip of the day: We all have rejects in our closet (especially these sale-induced impulse buys) that weren’t as cool/flattering as we initially imagined them to be. Take them out and try again sometime, as tastes, creativity levels, and complementary pieces in our wardrobe change over time.


Headscarf: Egypt, leopard print infinity scarf: H&M, parachute-look color block maxi dress: ASOS, lizard textured waist belt: H&M, bag: Guess, studded gladiator sandals: River Island

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4 thoughts on “The Parachute-Look Maxi

  1. Amria says:

    I LOVE your posts, I feel so happy when I see a new one in my reader or in my facebook newsfeed, such an inspiration and a lovely face 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ur killing me!!!!
    Beautiful and stylish …masha2a Allah
    I’ve changed my standards

  3. Nasra says:

    Mash’Allah, looking gorgeous as always…beautiful colours..I heart them.:)

    Nasra 🙂

  4. Wow, I love the colours, mashaallah!!

    Salams from England
    Philippa 🙂

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