Fall means it is the time for layers again, and I sure welcome the complexity added to my daily outfits. Summer is sort of boring as one tries hard to wear the least while still being covered, but spring and this season we’re in are when one can play around with jackets, vests, ponchos, and the likes, (mis)matching rich colors and textures. So yay for that, although I keep having to turn on the heat once my apartment temperature creeps below 27 Celsius – I’m obviously still in Egypt mode (and how I miss it – somebody abduct me to Cairo, please). The weather is not the only thing I haven’t adjusted to yet – I obviously miss the people and the craziness, but more than anything I miss the dirt cheap, dirt-y street food from the carts on street corners. I’m here mainly referring to spicy kebda and sogo2 sandwiches, and if you don’t know what that deliciousness is I can assure you you’re missing out on a whole lot.

Some things are pretty ok here in the Midwest, however. I’m very happy about being back in the classroom teaching again, and I absolutely love the energy and curiosity of my students this semester.  Their questions and critical thinking makes teaching the Arab-Israeli conflict even more interesting (and fun) than it already is. Also, that CNN with Anthony Bourdain’s recent Parts Unknown first episode of the season showed Palestinians in quite a normal way – no stereotypical angry brown men or wailing brown women but just people in their daily lives – contributes to my thinking there’s hope for a more balanced, more reflective way of thinking about the conflict even here in the US. There’s really no solution without mutual understanding and acknowledgement of the other.

Nuff said; as one commenter chastising me for not having devoted more space to the massacre/clampdown on Muslim Brotherhood protesters did recognize, this is indeed not a political blog (although naturally, as a person who’ve chosen political science as a career, I could talk/write for days about these things). Here you have to suffice with my OOTDs, (mostly apolitical) everyday accounts, and the much rarer long posts now and then.


Scarf: Egypt, faux leather bomber jacket: H&M, embellished colorful tribal sweatshirt: Zara, gold and black lace maxi skirt: River Island, fringed camo colored canvas bag: Urban Outfitters, studded leather trim sneakers: Aldo

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4 thoughts on “Complexity

  1. Spotted says:

    Stylish! Follow our college fashion blog!

  2. ShafiyaCosmetics says:

    I love your outfit combination, it always looks modest but funky ❤ I would love it if you could check out my blog, iv just started recently…Thank you and keep up the aspiring/amazing work ❤ xxxxxx

  3. -B. says:

    Since you’re living in the wild Midwest, come visit Chicago! Honestly, best city in the region if not the entire US of A.

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