Lady In Red (Cliché, I know)

I hardly ever wear bright red because of my relatively pale face skin (also, for some reason my skin tone is strongly yellowish from the chin area and down but from my chin and up slightly pinkish, and that doesn’t go very well with this color either). Thus, when Diamonds in the Rough Fashion (DIR Fashion) gifted me this vintage look dress, I was more than skeptical about the color. Not only that, the cut looked slightly shapeless on the mannequin and on the tall, blonde model wearing it in different colors. But you know, everything works well with extra meat, I figured (obviously, the “ideal” starved look never really convinced me – first of all I simply love food too much, and second, curves are a beautiful blessing of womanhood, seriously). And I was right. Once received in the mail, I slipped it on, only to fall in love with it. The dress is really versatile, elegant, and comfy – no layers required. The red is much warmer than it appears in the picture, and so it is not really too harsh on my skin tone. Did I mention that it is ridiculously affordable at just below $50? So yes, you should definitely check it out.

Enough about that. I went to Dearborn with the girls yesterday for some delicious food, some grocery shopping (seriously, it is wild – the quality is way better than your local supermarket and the prices are less than half of what it is in Kroger, for example), and 1001 laughs – a comedy festival held at the Arab-American Museum. Now going to Dearborn is completely normal, but going with someone who’ve never ever been there before is a lot of fun – wide eyes and statements that it “feels just like a different country”, “uuuuuhhh the signs and menus are in Arabic”, and other excitement are to be expected. The night was great. We put ourselves in a food coma with a gigantic plate of grilled meats and other stuff, salads, and so on – intended for three people but we were five sharing it and still had to take each our box of leftovers (note: I eat like a man so that is a pretty impressive amount of food). We did some hurried shopping before enjoying the show, and ended our night Arab-style with some last-minute orders of creme caramel, konafa, and ba2lawa at Shatila, before stuffing seven girls in a 5 seat car. Good times.

Oh, and the pictures were taken by my homie Langston Hues, as is mostly the case whenever I have good ones up.






What I’m wearing: Scarf: Ebay, faux fur: H&M, pleated vintage-look maxi dress: DIR Fashion, bag: New Look, peep toe heels: Aldo, accessories: Boohoo, H&M, River Island

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5 thoughts on “Lady In Red (Cliché, I know)

  1. Stunning! I love red on you.

  2. anacaonadelamaguana says:

    mashallh ❤

  3. Anonymous says:

    Asalaam Iman , so this is the very 1st time i am leaving a comment……not sure why it has taken me this long. All i can say is that i am INLOVE with your style, the chic, sassy and totally original look of it all. You inspire me.

    Your colaboration of colours , patterns, textiles are fantastic. I love that you are so bold and out there and most importantly you own (*ROCK*) your outfits……no words can express just hpw much i love your blog.

    Keep it up, i literally check onto this site DAILY……lol if not whole day. Scrolling over and over onto old posts . Its like i cannot get enough.

    You are Awesome 🙂

  4. RashiedaUncut says:


  5. alecksmack says:

    That shade of red is not easy to pull off and you do it with true confidence and class. When can we expect to see your fashion line? lol … but seriously.

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