Emerald Dragon

Last week was somewhat tough. Health issues came out of nowhere and hit me in the back of my head, meaning I spent the latter half of the week recovering and Sunday trying to catch up on work with a high fever. Grading students, prepping for the class I teach, and keeping up with my own coursework is challenging even without illness, and so needless to say next week’s study break will be most welcome, (especially since I have to work on my upcoming October 19 TEDx speech, yay!).

A thing that never fails making the day better when feeling less-than-great however, is to dress as if you feel awesome – the mood will follow eventually. And so I did. Jacquard, lace, and emerald tones carried me through the day and then later a lovely fan informed me that an article about me/The Hijablog is up on a leading Norwegian website. Now that always brightens my day, especially when such articles get the right points across. I’m pretty happy with it overall, excluding a few awkward formulations here and there as my original responses were in English but the current text is in Norwegian. Also, while it states that I’m currently doing my Bachelor degree, most of you returning readers know I’m in the process of doing my PhD (third year). You should check out the comments if you read Norwegian, however. They’re fairly entertaining (and in entertaining I mean the usual get-back-where-you-came-from, get-out-of-this-country-if-you’re-not-happy-here, awww-how-sweet:little-Muslim-girls-claiming-to-choose-hijabs-for-themselves-when-we-all-know-their-evil-oppressive-men-choose-it-for-them goodness you get when you have articles about someone who doesn’t fit exactly within the norms of the dominant identity) 😉


Pashmina scarf: Ebay, dip-back emerald button-down shirt: Boohoo, lace Peter Pan collar tunic: New Look, gold jacquard cigarette pants: Topshop, creme bag: Tarb, flatforms: H&M, cool tri-colored bib necklace: Moda Style First


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