My Uniform

This is how I look when I teach. Well, basically any outfit on this blog photographed in Michigan could be stuff I wear to teach. These pictures, however, were taken a mere 10 minutes before I taught my last section of the day, wrapping up the ’73 Ramadan/Yom Kippur war and the following peace agreement, as well as Israel’s involvement in the Lebanese civil war and the immediate aftermath. Next week is exam time, but I believe my students are gonna do just fine.

Isn’t it funny though? I’m wearing this while teaching a diverse group of undergrads the Arab-Israeli conflict at an excellent university, but some years back I was unable to get a job in any clothing/shoe/accessory/apparel store “because of the thing on [my] head”. To me, education has not only been valuable for education’s sake; it also pulled me out of a situation where I had to live on other people’s mercy cause I really needed that store assistant or front desk clerk job. It has enabled me to enter a career track where I’m the boss of how I dress, and I would never want it any other way. And so regardless of what I may say about the foreign policy, the use of the customary system over the metric system, crazy airport procedures, and the horrid state of food here (I’m talking additives and things that are banned back in the Old World), I’m truly thankful for the many opportunities I’ve been given in this country. I think similar growth would have been difficult had I not come here initially.


Scarf: H&M, long zebra print cardigan: Zara, African print tunic: ASOS, pleated jersey maxi skirt: Hijab-ista, bag: Forever21, brocade flatforms: ASOS, accessories: TARB, Ebay


U.S. Customary System

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