Corn Maze Time

This Saturday I finally got to do what I’ve been trying to since I moved to Michigan: partaking in some true Midwestern fall activities, i.e. successfully navigating a corn maze, picking apples, and having freshly fried donuts and pure cider (nom). While finding the exit proved to be slightly more time-consuming than I had thought (the maze was huge) the time wandering among walls of corn was made more entertaining by new people encountered both in and outside the labyrinth. I mean, who would have thought I’d go to the middle-of-nowhere Midwest and get to practice Norwegian again? That was accomplished with the Turkish-Swedish post-doc one of my friends brought along – small world indeed. After bumping into a certain group of people one too many times, we decided to join forces with them at the end of the maze, and thus I met a neighbor and fellow grad student previously unknown to me as well.


Obviously, I wanted to dress the part, and so my outfit is really “country”, with plaid flannel, a suede fringed vest, and high, flat boots. I couldn’t do American blue jeans to this all, however, as I needed some sort of personal touch. Hence the tapestry print pants.


The best donuts and apple cider 30 minutes in a line in the Midwest country side and some $ can buy.



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One thought on “Corn Maze Time

  1. Who takes your pictures? 🙂

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