Belated Eid Saeed

Due to prepping for my first ever TEDx talk (link will be up for sure when they have the video of my talk ready), as well as getting a 1-minute clip on religion and feminism done for BBC’s #100Women Conference that was live streamed today (I missed it though, and I can’t seem to find a recording of the whole thing :/), as well as trying to keep my head above water in school I’ve been quite inactive on my blog. Since I do keep up with my Instagram, I have several outfit posts coming up the following days.


In any case, I hope all you lovely people have had an excellent Eid celebration and perhaps even some days off 🙂 My eid was fun but very short; after catching the early prayers and having a long brunch at a Turkish fusion place – kofta for breakfast, nom – we all had to head home for naps before resuming school work. Ah, grad life. What made it so special though was all the new, beautiful individuals I got to spend it with, some of whom I met that day, some of whom I met the evening before, and the rest of whom I met at the beginning of the semester. Until the previous day, I was really not feeling another Eid stuck here in Ann Arbor, but the girls made the day very special.


Chain print multicolored scarf: Urban Outfitters, faux fur: H&M, blazer: H&M, pleated neon orange maxi dress: Pitaya, multicolored fringe and tribal print bag: TJ Maxx, sandals: Forever21.


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2 thoughts on “Belated Eid Saeed

  1. Selvinas says:

    You’re all looking vibrant!
    Congratulations on all your broadcasting time!

  2. White Pearl says:

    You all look gorgeous ! Love your dresses.

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