Double Duty

This is a quick middle-of-the-busy-week post to inspire you to expand your wardrobe in a budget way. What do I mean? Well, since I’m on a shopping stop for the time being (the summer drained my modest grad student budget) I have to be creative with what I have. This means thinking of new ways to wear certain garments. Now maxi dresses – although I like how they make dressing up easy – are limiting in terms of how many different-looking outfits you can get out of them when worn in the intended way. Thus, what I occasionally find myself doing is folding the top of sleeveless maxi dresses (strapless, spaghetti, tank, halterneck) into the bottom, so that I, in an instant, have a new high-waist maxi skirt to work with. It easily stays neat if you attach a belt, and as such you can mix and match the top/jacket for a more complex outfit, which is what I’ve done in the pictures below.

Another thing I also did here is to wear a long, leopard-print kimono cardigan backwards to give the illusion of a normal top with a modest cut. Now you may think this will work out great when wearing a jacket to cover the back but then not so well without it. In fact, however, the effect of a low cut back top (over a solid long-sleeve top as I do cover) looks really cool, and so while inside teaching, I did not wear the jacket in the pictures. That’s it for now, guys. Think outside the box, even when it comes to your wardrobe.




Pashmina scarf: Ebay, shoulder pad faux leather jacket: Pitaya, leopard kimono cardigan worn as top: Stradivarius, scarf print multicolored peplum maxi dress worn as maxi skirt: Mango

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4 thoughts on “Double Duty

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love your work sister very inspirational. Im also a hijab and modest fashion blogger. Check out my blog at

  2. Laila says:

    mashallah your style is amazing and youre soooo pretty, i would seriously fangirl if you follow my new blog!

  3. chicdejour says:

    came across your blog the first time. you’re absolutely beautiful!

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