This is just to let you know I haven’t forgotten about this blog or its readers; I’m just extreeeeemely busy. I have lots of outfits lined up for you as I do update my Instagram account almost every day (check it out for a more frequent mini-dose of The Hijablog). Other than that, I want to let all my Detroit area readers to know that I’ll be attending and speaking at the Headwrap Expo in Dearborn this upcoming Sunday – yay. With fashion shows, styling, vendors, and exciting workshops, this multi-cultural interfaith event on the diverse traditions of headcovers is not to be missed.


Check out this Beautifully Wrapped event’s site and Facebook page, and if you can make it then come – I’d love to see you all ❤

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2 thoughts on “Sowwwwy!

  1. afternoonlattes says:

    oh i wish i knew about this earlier i would love to be able to go!!

  2. janat soomro says:

    hey 🙂 i am a huge fan of yours, i love your style i mean who doesn’t, its so distinctive, it honestly makes me think of style in a creative and a different way.. i mean i’ve been looking at clothes differently .. its not just about bringing two different pieces of clothes together its about understanding how to wear them and carry them and i am able learn from your style … huge huge fan 🙂 proud to be a hijabi …. but its hard for me to be trendy being fat and bigger, i was hoping you could could give some ideas of how a big girl can wear clothes and be fashionably stylish at the same time its been really overwhelming for me to find an amazing shirt or any piece of clothing and have it not fit .. its the story of my life, honestly thats why i hate going shopping even though i looove shopping i am sorry if this sounds sad but i really want you to understand how it is like for me to look at a dress from afar a just think “i might not even fit me so what the heck” and not even to go close to it … i just need ideas and some motavation … thanks for reading and i hope you help me out in some way ..

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