About The Hijablog

About The Hijablog:

The Hijablog in its current format was started in the fall of 2012 by Imaan Ali, after a 4-year hiatus. Originally a half-year long stint undertaken from the summer of 2008 until the end of the same year, it was a product of the author’s frustration with the lack of style inspiration available for the newly veiled. The Hijablog quickly received great initial attention by international media, leading to interviews, radio show and talk show appearances, as well as a contribution to a Norwegian book project on the hijab.

For the author, much has changed since the blog’s humble beginnings; both stylewise and lifestyle wise. Between suspending her blogging in December of 2008 and the relaunch in September 2012, she moved to a different continent, completed her undergrad degree over the course of two years and continued on to her doctoral studies and teaching. With several style phases put behind her (some of them better forgotten) Imaan felt sufficiently comfortable and confident in her skin – and clothes – to start another project, this time showcasing her own style. The current format is a mix of short and sweet outfit descriptions, diary-like summaries, and some more substantial lessons from the authors own life, all accompanied by style photos. Welcome.

A goal of this blog is to shatter two common stereotypes: that Muslim women are invisible beings behind their veils, and that academics necessarily must be colorless creatures lacking creativity – the dualism that expects one to either conform to the world of aesthetics or the world of ideas, no overlap permitted.

About Imaan:
Imaan is based in Michigan, but divides her time between the US, Egypt, and Norway. Apart from blogging about her personal style, she is a PhD student and instructor of political science, a nomad, and an activist, concerned with issues including but not limited to Arab politics, society, and culture, Islam, and women’s rights. She has previously contributed to a Norwegian book project on the hijab, and continues to speak on topics close to her heart.

While the style presented is that of a veiled Muslim woman who is comfortable with her level of modesty, opinions on what “correct” hijab is (and whether hijab is even a requirement) are many and diverse, and people are bound to disagree with the blogger’s interpretation. Keep in mind, however, that The Hijablog is first and foremost a style inspiration blog, not a medium for pushing any specific religious agenda.

Please forward any questions, comments, or inquiries to thehijablog@hotmail.com

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79 thoughts on “About The Hijablog

  1. Mariam says:

    Hey girl thanks for visiting my site. Looks like you’re just starting yours. Keep it up! I like the content you have so far looks delicious 🙂

    • AmberRae says:

      As an aspiring designer I deeply appriciate your color and originality. I’d love to be on your mailing list 🙂

    • Asalamu Alaikum waruhmatulahi wabarakatuhu! Im from New Jersey and my mom found this blog some time ago! I really love this website. My favortite page is the one with the African Queens dressed in Hijab. Thank you for making this blog and showing how fun it can be to wear hijab!


      Happy Muslim Girl

    • Aicha dahir says:

      ASALAMU ALEIKUM, ilike this website , plz you peaple can you send me your telphone number. ineed a lot of beautifull clothes

  2. Nurmala says:


    Is there any way we can subscribe to your blog for future postings?


  3. Shabbir says:

    Got your blog searching for Hijab. Is there any way I could subscribe to your blog postings?

    Reply awaited

  4. basbousa says:

    I have no idea how to do that, I’m sorry. But if anybody knows, feel free to tell me 🙂

  5. basbousa says:

    Oh, I just found out how you can subscribe to this blog *feeling stupid*. Up in the right corner there should be a drop down menu where you can click on subscription.. 🙂

  6. I found your blog and have posted about it. I find it delightful although I’m not hijab at all. I couldn’t even bear to wear a wool cap in the Canadian winter, so a scarf in the Egyptian sun is quite beyond me. But I do think that the fashion aspect of this is marvelous.

  7. Naginata says:

    It’s nice to see that some people try to modernize the Muslim way of living and thinking 🙂

  8. Monir says:

    Hi basbousa, where are you living and where are your arabic origines from?

  9. Hørte deg nettopp på radioen. Lurer på: hvor mange treff har du daglig?

    Med kameratslig hilsen

    Eirik Faret Sakariassen (Stavanger) 🙂

  10. basbousa says:

    Heisann! Det har vært litt vilt i det siste… I dag har jeg mer enn 9500 :O

  11. teagirl says:

    I love you site! Great work!

  12. irem says:

    hei hei

    Æ lurte på om du kunne ta kontakt med meg gjennom mailin min.æ fant ikke kontakt mailin din på bloggen din.. æ har bare et par spm 🙂 angående klær.

    Æ må bare si d : stå på jenta min 🙂 d du gjør, er flott.

    Hilsen irem

  13. en bror says:

    Jeg syns det du gjør er bra, på en måte så er du motvekten til moten her i vesten om at “jo mindre klær jo bedre”.

    Jeg ønsker deg alt godt! Vet ikke hvordan moteverden er, det vet nok du bedre enn meg 😉 men minn deg selv alltid på at du nå er et forbilde for mange, og med det kommer et stort ansvar. Husk på Allah i alle valg du tar 🙂

  14. soraya says:

    assalaamu’alaikum warohmatullah wabarokaatuh…nice site for me

  15. prof bw says:

    I found my way here from a link at Aaminah Hernandez’s blog and just wanted to say thanks for posting these images. They are not only beautiful, they are going to make a great counterpoint the next time I teach about hijabs for my students who instantly think of the repressive images in circulation in most of their courses. Thanks so much!!

  16. Megan says:

    Hi Basbousa, thank you for forwarding my message to Michelle. Peace.

  17. Aishah says:


    Lebaas have just releasd their beautiful eid 2008 collection. Perfect for the festive season!!!




  18. Dear All,

    Kindly advise the website or address for Carina Tank Tops from egypt as i want to buy them .



  19. Leena Shehzad Lim says:

    Salam, I am amaze when I look at your blog everyday. I am a new muslim and have decide to wear hijab for the past 2 months. I have visit your blog daily to look fo inspiration. I was confused before what should I wear with my hijab, and now I understood more what to wear and what not. I am glad that I don’t have to throw away all of my old clothes becuase I have heaps of them. Now what I do is I go and visit your blog, look for inspiration and go back to my warbrobes and mix and macth my muslim attire with my old clothes. It makes it a lot easier to decide what to wear. I can not say thank you enough. Thanks for being a great inspiration for me

  20. Karakorom says:

    I’ve just found your blog and I think I will come back!
    I was searching for the pink hijab day and there I am!

  21. Radhiya Taj says:

    peace, thanks for posting your beautiful pictures. i especially like the ones from egypt. the darker colors appeal to me.

  22. sarahstil says:

    You have a great site here! Gorgeous photos and styles 😉 I would like to know if it would be okay for me to link to your site from my web log. Thanks!

  23. Sadia says:

    hi, nice website. I have a question , the whole point of wearing hijab is that u r NOT suppose to attract attention in any way. So when we wear these ultra matching colorful hijabs with similar accessories and so on the whole essence of wearing hijab as it should be woren in islam dissapears I think.

  24. Hijabjenta says:

    Hei.. leste i dagbladet om bloggen din idag og måtte bare sjekke den ut heheh den hørtes kjempespennende ut 🙂 heehe hvor er du fra? Sjekk gjerne ut bloggene mine: Hijabbloggen.blogg.no og FashionistaB.blogg.no

    mvh, Hijabjenta

  25. kosovagirl says:

    Hi,jeg hadde noe spørsmår om det er noe butiker her i norge hvor jeg kan finne hijab….jeg har ingen nå men jeg har bestemmt meg og tar seriøst hijaben.Det er ikke så lenge siden jeg har begjynt med å bee(namaz) har du noe ideer hvor jeg kan finne fine hijab i oslo eller noe som kan lære meg hvordan jeg skal bruke den….. Selamun Alejkum VB.

  26. marzia says:


    i would like to find out about the fashion street section + the location

  27. Roshan says:

    SALAAM, I just bumped into your blog looking for some current hijab styles. I just converted to Ilslam about a couple of months ago and I’m just curious about wearing them and how women around the world are wearing for when I do decided to wear Hijab. The blog is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  28. UmmuAisha says:

    Hei søster,
    MashAllah du er flink, er du designer selv eller? Fikk ikke tid til å lese gjennom det du har skrevet, har kun kikket litt på bildene. Mye interessant. Ønsker å vite hvor jeg kan få tak i dine design. MashAllah så flink. Lykke til videre kjære.

    Mvh, Muhajaba fra Bosnia (28 år) fra Oslo.

  29. Hijabs says:

    Is there any way of contacting you for some feedback or for some advice?

  30. shims says:


    Babe,, can you please put up a post on the Wedding of Mawi and Ekin from Malaysia? Both of them are kinda famous celebrity in Malaysia. Ekin wore a very beatiful traditional dress during her akad and several other dresses for her reception. to me, she gave a new meaning to Hijabi brides!

  31. Salam….please log on to http://www.pearlhaya.com ….. very2 exclusive & glamour !

  32. Salam…www.pearlhaya.com !

  33. Christina says:

    Hi all. I’m a danish writer who wants some help to make one of my characters as “real” as possible. She’s turkish and from the year of 1816. Can anybody help me finding out what she should wear and what colours?
    Besides that I would very much like, if one of you cold tell me a bit about the religion. With prayers and daily rituals and that kind of things?
    I hope that one of you kind people got the time to help me. Thanks a lot 😀

    • hal786 says:

      Hi Christina. I’ve just noticed your comment, but it is quite a few years old! However, if you’re still writing the book, then I’d love to give you any advice/tips etc. about Muslim women!

  34. Hanan says:

    Asalamu alaykum sis.
    Masha’Allah you’ve collected some fab pics!

    Don’t know if you’ve heard of this company..i came across it myself quite recently and fell in love with the abayahs!


    Don’t know if you could wear them out day to day but for a wedding for something omg!!

    Wa salam,


  35. kareena says:

    hallo kann mir jemand helfen ich habe eine frage an die kleidung

  36. faye says:

    Hi, i just though id say that this site is really good!!! i really like all the pics and the modern trend that uve been able to display. I guess alot of women are afraid to express themselves and display their personality through the hijab, but i think its great that we can add colour and accessories and make our own statement, that we too can wear colour and look good decently!! i have some new ideas to wear my hijba hehehe awsome!!

  37. Khadeer Ali Mohammad says:

    Assalamu Alaikum.

    hi hello… I am impressed!!!I always hear people blaming hijaab and also its misuse..the case is neither is it oppressive nor is it misused much. the problem is media plays up a lot of things but i am glad all our sisters can rejoice cos hijaab looks good as well as more fashinable than being naked!!! kudos:)

  38. zeinab72 says:

    alsalam allikum, i enjoyed seeing ur hijablog site, i was amazed by the beauty of hijab. i am mohajaba and i like to show some of my models but i do not know how,

  39. caraboska says:

    I wish there would be more posts on this blog – I really miss it…

  40. Samina says:


    I am researching a drama-documentary for schools on why Muslim women do or do not wear the hijab and what kind of experiences they have from wearing one – positive and negative. Really intersted in hearing from any of you esp any UK readers.

    When and why did you start wearing a hijab?

    How did family and friends react?

    Have you suffered any prejudice?

    What impact has it had on your life?

    Would be really great to hear your views! x

  41. ruru says:

    hi……..im so happy i found a hijab blog!! *happy dance*
    well to the point i love my hijab its scurity blanket but im just sooooo bored with wearing the same hijab style ova and ova again!!
    i just have a question i love wearing skinny jeans with long tunics is that wrong shud i push them aside?? coz i didnt c any hijab outfits with skinny jeans…

  42. nina says:

    OMG these are gorgeous moracaan dresse. i ould like to know if there is any way i can order one of these and how…repley as soon as anyone sees this…thank!!! beautful dresses!!!

  43. Rhonda says:

    luv this blog ♥ plz post more

  44. Naiema says:

    Salaam Aleykum, Sister this is an amazing website with great content Masha’Allah. I was wondering if you could help me with finding a muslim stylist for my friends wedding inshaa’Allah. Keep up the good work!

  45. Salam sister,
    Is there anyway I can add this link to ur page. I believe that the sisters would really love it. Thanks and Jazak Allah Kheir. salam

  46. Rabia says:

    hi, i really LOVE your blog. you had actually inspired me to create a line of hijab and selling them…i really do love you blog been actually following for a while now only recently i have the guts to start an online boutique dedicated for socially concious muslim women like myself with a more modern style (well we’re trying to…ah we’re only just started so..)

    anyway if you don’t mind linking me to your blog as i’m doing the same.
    thank you in advance!

  47. Laylaa Sarang says:

    Love ur hijablog, I’m a revert to islam nd love wearing hijab now with ur blog I can even look more stylish !!!!!!!

  48. Elsie says:

    Girl you are my hero! I’m a Chicago girl visiting Cairo next month and I stumbled upon your blog looking for inspiration. I’m very style conscious (sometimes I keep a blog), and really have no idea what to wear-I’m not Muslim but my boyfriend who’s studying abroad there told me that I should probably keep myself pretty covered.

    Anyway, I will be diligently stalking your blog for the next month gathering inspiration. Also, any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! and keep up the great style!

  49. nawal says:

    love the site!especially for a recent revert like me.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Lykke til med blogg og studier, kjære niese!

  51. Hafsa says:

    Salams from http://www.muslimbase.com, Mashallah great blog

  52. Anonymous says:

    you really have amazing style and it’s so refreshing to see a muslim woman being able to balance the modesty with style. thanks for the inspiration!

  53. Mahmut says:


    We have a company in Turkey, and produce magnetic hijab accessories named Akile. You can check out our products on our website http://www.akilem.com and youtube video http://youtu.be/V0RY4dD1tkY

    Akile is magnetic hijab accessories that
    • Allows the hijabs without pinhole
    • Eliminates harming loved ones and themself,
    • Matches users motions,
    • Adorns hijabs,
    • Eliminates needle swallowing problems,
    • Can be used in windy weathers

    Akile is under utility model protection in many countries.

    We work with many companies and hijab stores in Turkey and also in other countries.

  54. Aroosa says:

    Hey your site is awesome! Your an inspiration! Please check out my blog..


  55. slatif1213 says:

    Absolutely love it. Keep it up. You’re an inspiration. mA

  56. ayesha says:

    Your blog is simply amazing Imaan! your such an inspiration 🙂 i was wondering if you could do a hijab tutorial on the layered scarf that you’ve used throughout your blog? thankyou!

  57. hana says:

    simply superb!!

  58. Amuura says:

    Asalamu aleikum. I’m 16 years old and i live in Norway. I just wanted to promote muslims clothes for them and show them how beautiful it is to be covered and become fashionista at once. Thank you for your help. hope you will help me. I just wanted to be a Muslim Model like you.

  59. Ayesha says:

    Hi, congratulations on being the pioneer of a whole new concept! http://avonleadream.blogspot.ae/

  60. Johan Aslim says:

    Very nice blog. I’m glad I discovered it. Since you describe yourself as “a PhD student of political science and an activist, concerned with issues including but not limited to Arab politics, society, and culture, Islam, and women’s rights.”, you might probably be interested in http://www.halalmonk.com, a website that collects interviews with many interesting and influential spiritual leaders and artists from the Islamic World. You can find articles with people like Amina Wadud, Abdal Hakim Murad, Cyrus McGoldrick and now also with headscarve designer Fatima Rafiy, describing the ‘hijabology’ of her company Noor D’Izar.

  61. Sarah Dissegna says:

    Hi Gorgeous,

    I have came across your blog, I’m a Christian girl looking into Islam (InshaAllah) I revert one day soon. Your blog has given me inspiration, are you able to do some ”How To Wrap” blogs, I would be so interested and so would a lot of other girls from the AUS.


  62. Mèérâñ says:

    Hello iman I wish I could be like u i love fashion and hijab and how to be fashionista but in hijab style but its just everyone keep telling me its not ur way I don’t why they just keep let me down ;-(

    • Imaan says:

      Hey dear. If you have a dream then work on making it happen. You can do whatever you want to do and don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. If the people you associate with constantly let you down and criticize you, then it is better to seek out a different type of friends. There was a time when I had “friends” who never complimented me or encouraged me to be better. As long as I stuck with them I was stuck myself; unable to take chances and unable to grow. Seek out a network of people of builders; persons who enjoy building themselves and others up rather than tearing them down. Surrounded by good people, nothing is impossible.

      • Mèérâñ says:

        I will thank u I’m happy that u answer me and i will follow my dream and I love u and ur style and the way u think ❤ I just love u for who u r and I hope someday I will meet a friend just like u even if I think that there is no one like u ;D

      • Imaan says:

        Thank you for your sweet words. They truly mean a lot to me. We are all unique in our own ways and I’m sure you’ll be able to find tons of fantastic, supportive, and kind friends out there. I wish you the very best of luck 🙂

  63. Mèérâñ says:

    ❤ ❤

  64. Mèérâñ says:

    But I really want to know how u do ur hijab I really wanna do it it is soo amazing and I know it’s not gonna look so good in me as u but I like try things before I judge 🙂

  65. Mèérâñ says:

    Omg that’s great thank u ❤

  66. Dena Sewell says:

    I saw your Ted Talk on youtube and I was truly inspired by your story . I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for the inspiration .You are an amazing and beautiful woman! I wish you all the prosperity ,happiness and personal fulfillment life has to offer as you!

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