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Turkish formal and bridal hijab style

I love the creativity of the different styles of hijab wraps they make at Ayse Kuafor. As you might remember, I have posted about these wonderful formal styles earlier, here and here. Well, they have got some new pictures up, which are worth checking out if you need inspiration for the next wedding party or formal occation (sorry for the red water marks right across every picture).

I love the way the scarves are wrapped here, and the colors too (the green color is fab). Although the “cakey” dresses are not my favorites, I love the red dress (have something very close to it, just way less tight)…

Then, if you trust your wrapping abilities and is getting married soon, or if you are just dreaming, check out these wedding wraps:

CUTE! I want to attend somebodys wedding… Like right now!!!! Playing dress up is fun. And all that food is not bad either. What do you think? Would you try any of these styles?

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If Egyptian style is not your thing…. M&A abaya art

Lately I been falling in love with the über elegant hijab style of the gulf ladies. I went crazy and ordered a number of cheaper but fashionable abayat with matching shaylas.. But more about that later. Guess I caught the virus….

Now while we’re dreaming of escaping the poor student life and getting filthy rich, let’s drool over these sizzling hot styles from M&A abaya art that are soooo above my league for the moment (I will get there some day though, insha’a Allah… Ya reet). Apparently the designers have won several prizes for creative design and stuff. Enjoy…

The funny and stupid thing about these pictures are that the models are not wearing a shayla on most pictures, so you really cannot tell how the matching shayla will look like. I had so many more pictures but I didn’t have the patience to put it all together. If you do a simple google image search you will find many more of these delights.

Are you an abaya girl or do you prefer western clothes? Would you wear any of these abayat?

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The lovely designs of Reham Farouq

YAY! I just discovered some new designs of Egyptian designer Reham Farouq. Enjoy it. I know I did 🙂 Does she still design for Veil? Does anybody know?

Owwwww, how I love the last outfit with the abaya/jilbab/galabiya like dress 🙂 Which one of these is your favorite outfit? Are you loving or leaving the Egyptian hijab style?

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Cute colorful wedding gowns

I have posted gowns like these before (here and here), and I’m posting them again. These bright, pastel color wedding gowns are just tooo cute:

Are you going/did you go white or colorful for your wedding? Would you wear any of these?

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Fly hijabi

I think this girl knows how to rock her hijab. Sahar Salman is one of the cuter hijab models to be featured in Hejab Fashion magazine. Here are some pictures of her:

I think she carries many of her outfits well, and there are two things that I love about her style; that she is very creative when it comes to the wrapping of the scarves and that she matches her scarves so well with the clothing (that’s what saves the outfit in the 3rd picture with the not very stylish pink top and also in the 6th picture with the black and purple outfit).

What do you think?

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