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Hijab on al Baghdadiyah

Veil designer Radwa Rashwan recently visited the show “Donya Sharahzad” on al Baghdadiyah channel, to teach us all some new hijab tie styles.

The first style is really easy, cute and neat, fit for every day use:

This next style is for the more “trained” hijabis, as it’s somehow more advanced and time demanding. It’s a beautiful style for parties or even weddings:

This is some of her previous work:

I love the pink/orangey spanish wrap but I’m not thrilled about the uncovered hair.

Did you like the featured hijab styles she made on the show?

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Hijabilicious halal tv hosts

I guess most of you have heard about the controversial Swedish program “Halal TV” by now. Blogs like Muslimah Media Watch and many others have allready blogged about the 8 episode show hosted by three veiled muslim women. Now these women also have got style:

From the left; Cherin Awad, Dalia Azzam Kassem and Khadiga el Khabiry. I just love the zebra print hijab and the hot pink top!

Looks like the Spanish hijab is Dalia Azzam Kassem’s top choice. I love how she tied her hijab in the first picture here. And Khadiga el Khabiry’s orangey-pink do. Beautiful colors.

What do you think about their style? Did any of you watch the show?

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Uniquely styled hijab that actually covers

If you are not a fan of the spanish hijab or spanish wrap that leaves the chest uncovered, you probably end up dissappointed when trying to look for new ways to style your hijab. Many of the found around, especially the party styles, are lacking the neck and chest coverage. Here’s something for you;

I’m totally loving it. What about you?

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Random Egyptian hijab wraps

Did you ever run out of ideas on how to tie a “fierce” or unique hijab? Here’s a lot of inspiration for a lot of different styles. Most of these styles are “spanish wraps” but you will also find some slightly more covering styles. All of these are the work of several veil and makeup stylists around Egypt:

So what do you think? Did you see anything you like? Would you try any of these looks?

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More and more hijab…

I always love it when I come across new hijab pictures. The first two styles are gorgeous but although I love my makeup, I would never go this far:

Which style did you like the most minus the makeup?

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