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Menna Fadali in hijab

Menna Fadali is an Egyptian actress that doesn’t normally wear hijab. Thats why I wanted to share these cute pics with you;

Seeeee? She is so much more elegant wearing the abaya and hijab (although her hair peeps out)…

This is how she looks like normally (and mind you, I would not post a hijab-less picture of her if she was a hijabi/mohagaba);

What is better; with or without hijab? I vote WITH!

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Moroccan Kaftans

I want a Moroccan kaftan (takchita)! There are few garments that are more feminine and beautiful than them! They look stunning with hijab, and they come in any color and any material you like. Here are pictures from the 06′ Moroccan kaftan show:

And here are pictures of hijab sported with the kaftan.

Cute, right? Which one of those luxurious kaftans is your favorite?

This is based on the 2nd contribution to win hijabs.

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Fall favorite turkish silk hijabs

Most of the f/w collections are in stores now, and since the silk scarf is the big hit this season, here are my favorites from the f/w collection of Armine.

Hijab planethas got the most exclusive Turkish silk scarves in my opinion. These are my favorites from their fall collection, with the last being my ultimate favorite.

Which one is your favorite?

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Very unique abayas

Really unique, glamorous abayas are sometimes hard to find, especially if you live in the West. The first tip this time around is about glam abayas on facebook! Yes, you can actually find and buy some of these beautiful abayas over facebook!!!!


I love the over-the-top sleeves on some of these. Check out more here.

Al Hadeel gowns:

These abayas are soooo beautiful. I love the 1st one. You can check out more pictures here, but unfortunately I think you can not order these ones…

Nada’s abaya fashion:

Beautiful abayas as well, view more pictures here.


Kanz has got both abayas and galabiyas, and you can order from the facebook group. Can you ask for more??

I love gulf abayas with elegant matching shaylas, maybe I will even try to order one myself.. What do you think about these abayas and galabiyas?

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Almost hijab – Mynah

I love it whenever I find designers that do hijab design, or even when they are designing something that could look a little “hijabish”… Then I discovered the designer behind Mynah; Renu Tandon. Her work is mainly Indian and eastern inspired, with a lot of vivid, beautiful colors. Check out her website here. Unfortunately these were the only designs with headscarves that I could find, from her latest F/W collection:

I adore the pink/purple colors! And I know the maxi dress looks far from hijab, but if you just add a blazer or cardigan over it, it should be fine.

What do you think about her design?

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