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Cute (but not very covering) way to wrap your scarf

I knoooow, it has been such a looooong time since I posted. The good news is I finished my first ever quarter at university a couple of days ago with top grades – yaaay. Insha’a Allah I will continue like that:) Unfortunately I don’t have photoshop here on my new laptop… Arrgh.. I got stuff that I wanna post but it looks so messy without arranging it and fitting it to my blog. Well…

Here is a cute but very non-covering way to wrap. The style is girly and in fact easy to do to but you  better cover your neck/chest.

What do you think? Maybe something for a wedding party?

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Wrap like an Egyptian – Egyptian Hijab Tutorials

Hiiiiii ladies! Sorry for the short blogging break – I will be better updating, -promise!

Here is some Egyptian hijab style for you to enjoy (some styles are actually covering the neck!):

Loving it. You can also find more of the videos here (there are 7 of these tutorials in total). The featured hijab stylist is Nanees Selim. It looks like she had a site but took it down😦

What do you think about these styles?

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How to wrap a “gravity defying” hijab

Yasmine over at Sweep the sunshinedemonstrates how to wrap a gravity defying hijab. It’s not as crazy as it sounds… It is a “Spanish hijab” bun style made with a pashmina or fake pashmina shawl that really gives volume. Do remember to wear a turtleneck top or sweater..

This is how it could look like

You know, when I was a hijab newbie, I never understood how an under scarf could help you big time with making the hijab stay on place… I made something like this to work (my colleague Vania’s favorite, she always complimented on how fly it looked), wrapping it really really really hard so that I didn’t even needed to pin it… And I asked myself why the headaches kept coming???!!

What do you think about this style?

This is another useful hijab tip from one of our readers.

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Princess hijab

Madiha posted yet another hijab tutorial on Youtube. This time it’s the princess hijab. It requires a lot of scarves and pins, and it’s suitable for special occations:

Would you try this look? Or is it just too much work?

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City sisters – How to tie hijab

So I found these videos on how to tie hijab (pretty basic styles) from the City sisters show.

The last video is from sister Kima’s Youtube account.

Did you find the videos useful? Which style is your favorite?

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