Recently identified by Trendera (a US company specializing in predicting emerging online trends) as the next big thing, hijab fashion blogs are something to keep an eye on this year.

The Hijablog, one of the mentioned trailblazers in this category, is a style blog for covered women run by Imaan Ali.  From its September 2012 fresh beginnings, it has achieved great success, with recent and extensive coverage in leading international publications (see below). The author has lately made special appearances at several US events dealing with Muslim fashion (Fashion Fighting Famine, the American Hijab Design Contest, etc), and the blog’s Facebook page, started in the end of October/early November, currently boasts 50 000+ followers (and a weekly reach of 200 000 – 250 000).

For bookings, press, and other inquiries, please contact

Recent Features:

-El Pais (Spain)

-Stylist (France)

-Folha de S.Paulo (Brazil)

-Daily Mail (UK/India)

-Mujer (Chile)


-Ambito Financiero (Argentina)




BBC World Service (UK)

Women’s ENews (USA)


3 thoughts on “Press

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent dear .. 🙂 can I know how to contact you for a small consultancy on my skirt?

  2. seniorita says:

    I would like know Where i can do a studies of hijab style.i speak a little beat english
    I speack french and spanich .

  3. Dema obeid says:

    can you put photos for your accessories on your blog?

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