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My “Sweatpants”

Some days even I don’t feel like spending a lot of time dressing up. Whether for oversleeping and having to get out quickly, studying on campus on a Saturday (that was the case with the following outfit), or going grocery shopping, every girl needs a quick and chill clothing option. And for myself (since I’m allergic to conventional sweatpants) my alternative is the abaya. 50 times better looking than sweatpants, it is just as – or even more – comfortable. Here’s a chill Saturday OOTD featuring an abaya from Bukhnuk.




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N A Exclusive Abayas Review

Ramadan Kareem, everybody. I’ve been neglecting my blog as I’ve been moving out, stopping by New York, and getting settled in Egypt (including visiting protests in Raba3a and Etihadeya), but now it is time to catch up with the material I have lying around, starting with these pictures of my peachy sequined waterfall abaya from N A Exclusive Abayas, taken by my dear Anushey (check her out on Instagram, yo!).


This abaya arrived tailor made for me, as is the case with everything you order from this company (isn’t that great?), with two different scarves. The black with peach sequins is the standard, while I requested the solid peach as I wanted to do something different than the all-black khaleeji look. I love the material of both shaylas – they are really lightweight – but I think they would be easier to manage if the sequins were on only one of the short ends as is the case with most scarves accompanying abayas from the Gulf.


I have no complaints about the abaya itself; it is simply gorgeous. Of course the shape makes it extra comfortable, as it is extremely roomy and flowy on the top and gradually gets narrower toward the bottom. The material is super light, the peach sequins are evenly and tightly arranged, perfectly accenting the (also peach colored) soft, silky material running down the one leg side of the garment. The coolest thing about the abaya is the Grecian-like draping on the back – see the third picture (that’s the reason it is called a waterfall abaya, I suppose).

Check out this one and get lost in their huge selection of other abayas and jilbabs on N A Exclusive Abayas Facebook page – that’s currently where you do the orders as well. And do check in for more posts from Ann Arbor, New York, and Egypt here on The Hijablog really soon.






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East meets Far East

If you are looking for something edgy and truly unique yet really modest, this Far East inspired The Abaya Company Abaya is the way to go. I chose this piece out of their fresh collection exactly because of this. It could be a hit or miss, I figured, as the bold tricolored “kimono” sleeves and the big, floral oriental embroidery on the back of the abaya and side of the sheila definitely makes it stand out of the crowd. Being no stranger to wearing unusual pieces and combinations, however, I was drawn to the less “safe” choice, and I must say I’m happy I did.


As mentioned, the cut is one of a wide kimono, with very wide sleeves that you attach with buttons around your wrists, accompanied by a mandarin-style collar. The abaya is in a very light material and open in the front, with buttons down to the upper legs. In terms of colors, the abaya is completely black with a broad white stripe covering the top of the sleeves, the shoulder, and the collar. The back, however, is really the masterpiece. Across the sleeves, you have the front white stripe as well as a grey one, before the abaya turns black. It is also here the big, orchid (?) Asian embroidery is located.


I really love this piece, as it is very different from most other things out there. The only issues I have with it is that one of the buttons came off the first time I put it on. This still did not affect the wearability of the piece too much. Also, because of time constraints due to my travels, I had the abaya sent to me without being tailored to my measurements. This is not recommended, as a size 60 abaya is huge on me. Fortunately, the company always tailors to fit, so you should not face the same issue. All in all, it is a bold, beautiful piece that I’d highly recommend.




All the beautiful pictures are taken by my very talented friend, Anushey Pervez. Find her on Instagram here.


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Channeling my Inner Khaleejiya (La Parisienne Abaya Review)

Why do you need this stunning La Parisienne designer abaya straight from Dubai, UAE? Because it is obviously amazing. And I say that as sincerely as I can; the day it arrived and I tried it on I just couldn’t get myself to take it off again right away and so I continued the events of that afternoon and evening in it. It is true that I don’t often wear abayas, but if my closet were to be filled with pieces like this, you would definitely see me wearing them weekly.

Fawziah Al Marzouqi is the gracious and creative lady behind the brand, who, in addition to selling her products in the two brand boutiques in Abaya Mall and Arabian Center in Dubai, takes online inquiries and orders! The product itself looks great and it feels even better. The base is made of luxurious material that is really smooth and airy, with snakeskin and lace fabric on the bodice. The wide, detatchable belt – also in snakeskin print – makes the abaya stand out from anything else I’ve seen, as it gives it kimono-esque finish. Also note the adorable Eiffel tower-shaped logo on the bottom front of the garment! Feast your eyes on this gorgeous piece and the beautiful photography of Langston Hues.










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Picture Time

I’m taking a quick study break to publish some pictures taken some time back by the amazing Langston Hues. You should check him out on Facebook and Instagram for great hijabista pictures. Other than that, I just arrived to Oslo, Norway, where I’ll stay for another 9 days before leaving for Beirut. More frequent updates coming in a couple of days after I wrap up my semester, iA.

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