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The Oversized Vintage Coat

Since oversized coats are the thing at the moment, and since Michigan is making me to feel permanently frozen, I’ve been searching for a time to get to go thrifting for one. And some days ago, I finally managed to do so. I entered the weirdly smelling storeĀ  (I’ll admit Etsy is more of my style of shopping vintage, as I don’t have to brave the odor and piles of junk that plagues conventional shops) and judging from the attendants’ reaction, hijabis in tutus and military boots are likely not among their usual clientele.

I swiftly picked out four coats to try on, and was out in a matter of minutes. This $6 beauty seen in the Langston Hues pictures below is what I scored. As to get the fullest out of its voluminous cut, I went for an androgynous look, complete with chunky glasses, brogue shoes, and a sharp vintage bag. Yay for thrift stores!






Scarf: Unique Hijabs, colorful oversized coat: thrift Store, silk shirt: ASOS, tribal patterned pants: Boohoo, bag: mom’s closet, man shoes: Aldo

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The Parachute-Look Maxi

You know when there’s a sale on one of your favorite sites and you spot that unusual garment you’d never buy for its original price but impulse-buy now that it is within reach? This maxi dress was such a buy. I was overexcited to snatch the very last one from ASOS a year and a half ago or so, but then when it appeared in the mail it was just meeh. I figured it looked like a parachute (it certainly feels like such in terms of texture), clown apparel, or maybe a Pride graduation gown. I hid it in the deepest depths of my closet and sort of overlooked it, sort of forgot all about it. Until today. In the mood for colors, I poked my head into my maxi dress, abaya, and jumpsuit closet to check for an easy solution. And lo and behold; there was the parachute dress beaming with its signal block colors between otherwise somber palettes. I figured I would give it a chance.

Because I had tried and rejected the look of a normal under-the-chin hijab style in a matching color at the time I received the dress (it sort of looked like my head was stitched to the dress that way with all the color blocking going on), I decided that I needed to break the blocking with a neutral color neck scarf to keep the Spanish-wrapped headscarf in the main color of the dress. Accessories were kept at a minimum as the dress is a little too much in itself. Success. The clownish dress looked decidedly less ridiculous and I actually felt good about it.

Style tip of the day: We all have rejects in our closet (especially these sale-induced impulse buys) that weren’t as cool/flattering as we initially imagined them to be. Take them out and try again sometime, as tastes, creativity levels, and complementary pieces in our wardrobe change over time.


Headscarf: Egypt, leopard print infinity scarf: H&M, parachute-look color block maxi dress: ASOS, lizard textured waist belt: H&M, bag: Guess, studded gladiator sandals: River Island

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