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Tunic & Pants x 3

As a freshly covered girl, cardigans, thigh-long tunics, and jeans were pretty much my uniform. Everything I owned came in the the same cut (normal solid color cardis, medium wash wide-legged denim, and your typical Forever 21 satin/chiffon patterned empire waist mini dresses) with a slight variation in color, and I saw little possibility for mixing things up while staying modest. Not surprisingly then, when I started reinventing my style, the tunics and were the first to go. It would take long before I’d be completely comfortable with them again (and then never with jeans and cardigans).

Having said that, tunics are pretty easy to work with for veiled women, and typically less dramatic than either maxi skirts or flowy dresses, and thus perfect for school/college (although those who know me know that I myself am as likely to wear those as tutus to class or teaching :P). Below are three completely different looking outfits I’ve worn lately, each featuring long tops and pants (oh, and as I discovered after juxtaposing them, the very same faux fur piece).

The girly one: with a lightly pleated “skirt” and crochet collar, this Delicate Hijabi top is sugary by itself. Add some fur, silky pants, and a cute clutch, and the outfit could hardly get more girly.


Scarf: Ebay, faux fur: H&M, dramatic dip-back shirt worn as cardigan: ASOS, crochet collar tunic: Delicate Hijabi, printed satin “pj” pants: H&M, heart-shaped lace clutch: Forever21, front zipper peep toe ankle boots: Aldo

The saturated one: Burgundy and burnt orange can be risky, but work well if done right (you can’t get more fall-like colors than these). Combine velvet and plaid for a bold look.


Scarf: Ebay, faux fur piece: H&M, velvet blazer: vintage, long tunic: H&M, plaid pants: ASOS, leather bag: souvenir shop in Spain, faux fur top flat boots: Aldo

The wild one: With crazy-pattern pants like these, who’d want to tone it down? Continue the playfulness with a basic print-clash staple: leopard/cheetah print.


Silk scarf: Egypt, faux fur piece: H&M, leopard print kimono: Stradivarius, jewel print pants: ASOS, bag: Accessorize, tribal patternet brogue shoes: Forever21.

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Burnt Orange

This is just a quick OOTD post as things are crazy hectic at the moment. I’ve been meeting with the local TEDx coordinator (sign up here if you want to see me share my idea live October 19th), settling details for event appearances/speaking engagements (keep your eyes on the blog the coming days for more announcements), and otherwise trying to keep my head above water when it comes to all the university work. I should be more verbose over the weekend, iA.

Other than that, I’m enjoying fall, the only time the US Midwest is truly beautiful in my opinion. The nature is clothed in yellows, oranges, reds, and burgundies in a show of colors more spectacular than anywhere else. Also, I can wear my layers without melting away. Yay!


Scarf: Egypt, faux fur: H&M, ethnic patterned wrap around kimono: Forever 21, studded jersey-chiffon mix shirt: H&M, wide legged pants: ASOS, leather bag: vintage (taken from mom’s closet), boots: Aldo

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Sad Selfies

What do you do when you no longer have a roomie to take your pictures (miss you, Sarah, and Nina, my temporary summer roomie/photographer)? You try hard to make selfies work. But since I’m no fan of the regular ones (I’m a style blogger after all, not a “my-face-everywhere one), I try to make my whole self fit – not an easy task with a cell phone camera, a self-timer, bad lighting on my balcony, and no tripod. The result is not worth much celebration, but hey; at least I get to document my outfits. Need a photographer – now!


Bubble scarf: H&M, suede fringed vest: River Island, aztec print poncho: Urban Outfitters, denim shirt: Ebay, pants: H&M, military lace-up boots: Forever21, accessories: Boohoo, H&M

On a different note, I was featured in the French lifestyle magazine LibĂ©ration’s La liste de nos envies, and they were graceful enough to send some copies all the way to Michigan for me. It is always good to see some Old World love for modest fashion, since it doesn’t really happen that often.


Lastly, here’s another selfie with yours truly the day the magazine arrived. Had to come up with something to compensate for the bad picture quality and boring background…


Infinity leopard print scarf: H&M, chain and leopard print pink bomber jacket: River Island, oversized A-print team shirt: River Island, sea green chinos: ASOS, platform oxfords: Shi, accessories: Ebay, H&M

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The Parachute-Look Maxi

You know when there’s a sale on one of your favorite sites and you spot that unusual garment you’d never buy for its original price but impulse-buy now that it is within reach? This maxi dress was such a buy. I was overexcited to snatch the very last one from ASOS a year and a half ago or so, but then when it appeared in the mail it was just meeh. I figured it looked like a parachute (it certainly feels like such in terms of texture), clown apparel, or maybe a Pride graduation gown. I hid it in the deepest depths of my closet and sort of overlooked it, sort of forgot all about it. Until today. In the mood for colors, I poked my head into my maxi dress, abaya, and jumpsuit closet to check for an easy solution. And lo and behold; there was the parachute dress beaming with its signal block colors between otherwise somber palettes. I figured I would give it a chance.

Because I had tried and rejected the look of a normal under-the-chin hijab style in a matching color at the time I received the dress (it sort of looked like my head was stitched to the dress that way with all the color blocking going on), I decided that I needed to break the blocking with a neutral color neck scarf to keep the Spanish-wrapped headscarf in the main color of the dress. Accessories were kept at a minimum as the dress is a little too much in itself. Success. The clownish dress looked decidedly less ridiculous and I actually felt good about it.

Style tip of the day: We all have rejects in our closet (especially these sale-induced impulse buys) that weren’t as cool/flattering as we initially imagined them to be. Take them out and try again sometime, as tastes, creativity levels, and complementary pieces in our wardrobe change over time.


Headscarf: Egypt, leopard print infinity scarf: H&M, parachute-look color block maxi dress: ASOS, lizard textured waist belt: H&M, bag: Guess, studded gladiator sandals: River Island

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The Psychedelic Vintage Piece

Having settled in to my new apartment, internet included, I can finally blog again. Wohoo! Since the second last post I’ve started my third (and final) year of classes for my PhD. I’m aiming on spending the next academic year far, far away from here, insha’ Allah (had an incident with a crazy person at a bus this morning that prompted me to express this plan to most people I encountered thereafter). For now, however, I’m stuck in the Midwest (which means I should probably do some stereotypically Midwestern things like hayrides etc before I get out of here).

Enough about that. I love good vintage pieces and the below dress-thingy is no exception in all its psychedelic early-’70s glory. I found it on the sales rack outside a local store and given that it had my name all over it, I made it mine. The pictures are taken around Ann Arbor by the talented Langston Hues. And as always, if you grow tired of waiting for my posts, you can follow me on my Instagram for sneak peeks and more frequent updates.








Scarf: Jordan, neck scarf: Egypt, round shades: Urban Outfitters, hippiesque dress-top: vintage, boyfriend jeans: ASOS, sandals: Forever21, accessories: H&M, Forever21


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