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Mo7gbat – Learn to tie tons of new hijab styles

I recently discovered Mo7gbat, (they should get an English interface up soon…) a product of 6 instructional cds with videos on how to tie different hijab styles. Really awesome. You’ll learn everything from the latest Spanish wraps, to Turkish style, and to Gulf style and everything between. This is really a must for all hijabis, both the ones that are all new to hijab and need to learn some basic wraps, and also for those of you that are tired of the same old hijabs every day….

The videos are in Arabic, but it is quite easy to understand most of the instructions without any knowledge of the language. Here is some of what you can expect, but there’s much more to it:

Would you buy something like this?

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Hijab on al Baghdadiyah

Veil designer Radwa Rashwan recently visited the show “Donya Sharahzad” on al Baghdadiyah channel, to teach us all some new hijab tie styles.

The first style is really easy, cute and neat, fit for every day use:

This next style is for the more “trained” hijabis, as it’s somehow more advanced and time demanding. It’s a beautiful style for parties or even weddings:

This is some of her previous work:

I love the pink/orangey spanish wrap but I’m not thrilled about the uncovered hair.

Did you like the featured hijab styles she made on the show?

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Colorful hijab wraps

Here are some new tudung or hijab styles for you to try:

Aren’t these looks extremely cute and colorful? Would you try any of this?

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Flower hijab wrap

This flower hijab wrap is perfect for Eid and other special occasions. Being lazy as I am, I still didn’t try it. I think that in order to make it work, you will need scarves with a rough texture, so the “flowers” won’t fall apart.

I’m loving this look. Would you try it?

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How to wrap a “gravity defying” hijab

Yasmine over at Sweep the sunshinedemonstrates how to wrap a gravity defying hijab. It’s not as crazy as it sounds… It is a “Spanish hijab” bun style made with a pashmina or fake pashmina shawl that really gives volume. Do remember to wear a turtleneck top or sweater..

This is how it could look like

You know, when I was a hijab newbie, I never understood how an under scarf could help you big time with making the hijab stay on place… I made something like this to work (my colleague Vania’s favorite, she always complimented on how fly it looked), wrapping it really really really hard so that I didn’t even needed to pin it… And I asked myself why the headaches kept coming???!!

What do you think about this style?

This is another useful hijab tip from one of our readers.

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