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Sunny Side Up

So I had an amazing day yesterday at the Headwrap Expo! I got to meet lots of amazing ladies who live around the area and otherwise enjoyed browsing the products of local businesses as well as catching some of the shows. Now it is about time I do some catching up with my blog. Here’s an outfit from more than two weeks ago (yes, I know, I’m so bad). More will be coming.


Scarf: Forever21, neck scarf: Egypt, crocheted shawl/poncho: Urban Outfitters, striped oversized sweater: Only, pants: H&M, fringed purse: ASOS, ballerina flats: Norway.


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This is just to let you know I haven’t forgotten about this blog or its readers; I’m just extreeeeemely busy. I have lots of outfits lined up for you as I do update my Instagram account almost every day (check it out for a more frequent mini-dose of The Hijablog). Other than that, I want to let all my Detroit area readers to know that I’ll be attending and speaking at the Headwrap Expo in Dearborn this upcoming Sunday – yay. With fashion shows, styling, vendors, and exciting workshops, this multi-cultural interfaith event on the diverse traditions of headcovers is not to be missed.


Check out this Beautifully Wrapped event’s site and Facebook page, and if you can make it then come – I’d love to see you all ❤

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The Peter Pan Syndrome

And with this, it is certainly not surprising that my students confuse me for one of their own on the first day of class. Dressing as an adult is way too boring. Sneakers, oversized sweaters, skinny printed jeans, and a denim vest are so much more expressive. Sartorially, I seem to have the Peter Pan syndrome.


Scarf: Ebay, faux fur: Boohoo, studded faux leather and denim vest: River Island, oversized striped sweater: H&M, tribal printed skinny jeans: Forever21, bag: Accessorize, studded canvas sneakers: Aldo

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Double Duty

This is a quick middle-of-the-busy-week post to inspire you to expand your wardrobe in a budget way. What do I mean? Well, since I’m on a shopping stop for the time being (the summer drained my modest grad student budget) I have to be creative with what I have. This means thinking of new ways to wear certain garments. Now maxi dresses – although I like how they make dressing up easy – are limiting in terms of how many different-looking outfits you can get out of them when worn in the intended way. Thus, what I occasionally find myself doing is folding the top of sleeveless maxi dresses (strapless, spaghetti, tank, halterneck) into the bottom, so that I, in an instant, have a new high-waist maxi skirt to work with. It easily stays neat if you attach a belt, and as such you can mix and match the top/jacket for a more complex outfit, which is what I’ve done in the pictures below.

Another thing I also did here is to wear a long, leopard-print kimono cardigan backwards to give the illusion of a normal top with a modest cut. Now you may think this will work out great when wearing a jacket to cover the back but then not so well without it. In fact, however, the effect of a low cut back top (over a solid long-sleeve top as I do cover) looks really cool, and so while inside teaching, I did not wear the jacket in the pictures. That’s it for now, guys. Think outside the box, even when it comes to your wardrobe.




Pashmina scarf: Ebay, shoulder pad faux leather jacket: Pitaya, leopard kimono cardigan worn as top: Stradivarius, scarf print multicolored peplum maxi dress worn as maxi skirt: Mango

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Umbrellas and Vintage

This is another quick OOTDx2 post. First up is a rainy day disco fever outfit featuring holographic vinyl joggers. Yes, holographic vinyl joggers. Sadly, due to the lighting and phone cam you can’t really see the holographic pattern, but they are pretty darn awesome (although quite uncomfortable to wear).


Striped transparent umbrella: Urban Outfitters, studded leopard cardigan: Urban Outfitters, chevron fuchsia shirt: Pitaya, vinyl holographic joggers: ASOS, geometric pattern silver clutch: Pitaya, pumps: Aldo.


Flashback: Remember this gaudy, kitchy, sparkly vintage top I bought in New York in the summer against my mom’s insistence that I shouldn’t? I finally got to wear it! Hurray! I toned down the cray vibes with some tan, but kept the style quite vintage, grandma style wrap and all.


Horses and stripes print scarf: Urban Outfitters, sparkly sequin top: vintage, plain cotton maxi skirt: Boohoo, vintage look bag: Tarb Online.

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