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The Peter Pan Syndrome

And with this, it is certainly not surprising that my students confuse me for one of their own on the first day of class. Dressing as an adult is way too boring. Sneakers, oversized sweaters, skinny printed jeans, and a denim vest are so much more expressive. Sartorially, I seem to have the Peter Pan syndrome.


Scarf: Ebay, faux fur: Boohoo, studded faux leather and denim vest: River Island, oversized striped sweater: H&M, tribal printed skinny jeans: Forever21, bag: Accessorize, studded canvas sneakers: Aldo

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Self Care Time

Sharing my apartment with a social work student for two years taught me one very important thing: self care is absolutely necessary. Thus, following my ex-room mate’s constant advice, I had a very chill Friday consisting of a facial and some healthy comfort food.¬†Obviously, such a day must involve a comfy outfit and although sneakers are not my go-to type of foot wear, for this purpose they are almost obligatory.


The facial lasted for about an hour and a half and at the end I got a little bored. Thus; selfie time. Although selfies and I don’t go well together (after all I’m a style blogger, not a face blogger), I do the occasional ridiculous one to send to people close to me (Snapchat yo!). So this is one of those, just because the person dared me to post it. Scary, huh?


What I’m wearing: headscarf: H&M, multi-patterned infinity scarf: ASOS, pleated back chiffon shirt: Urban Outfitters, sequin khamsa tank top: New Look, baggy pastel pants: New Look, sneakers: ASOS, watch: MODA Style First


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Picnic by the Sea

Yesterday was spent with my mom and sister – a quite welcome thing as we’re usually all pretty busy, even when I’m in town. As the weather was acceptable and we live 3 minutes walking from the sea, we figured we’d take some food out to a small park in the newly extended (and really beautiful) harbor area.


We spent some quality time in our hippie-ish ensembles enjoying a simple dinner of fattoush, baba ghannoug, and.. wait for it.. something really, really classy.. Turkey hot dogs, haha (haven’t had that in an eternity). The view, atmosphere, and fresh air merited a gold star in Oslo’s grade book for the day.

picnicbytheseaScarf: Forever21, neck scarf: Gina Tricot (Norway), long ethnic print vest: River Island, tiger print shirt: some Norwegian store, maxi skirt: Stradivarius, lizard clutch: Vintage (fetched from mom’s closet), sandals: New Look, accessories: Icing, River Island


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The Neon Kimono

There are few garments I love more than loose, full length open kimonos one can just throw over anything for an instantly modest look. Imagine my joy when I found this neon yellow, light material  robe below at H&M for a modest price. I suspect it is a swimwear coverup but hey, who cares what stuff originally is for as long as it serves the duty (as in getting more out of maxi dresses by wearing them folded as high-waist maxi skirts, for example, or using skinny studded belts as bracelets)?

Why am I wearing my clutch on my face here? No, it is not an attempt at a fancy pose. I was trying to take some OOTD pictures when suddenly a guy popped out of nowhere with his cellphone cam. My reaction time was pretty good, and I managed to hide my face before he managed to get a shot. Needless to say, the pictures below were taken at a different location – around the corner after we bounced. But yeah, Oslo, what’s up with your people acting like they’ve never seen somebody in the process of taking pictures before?

Jersey scarf (this has become such a favorite piece): Unique Hijabs, neon kimono: H&M, black dungarees: Boohoo, lizard clutch (poor thing): Vintage (my mom’s closet), flats: some local store, accessories: River Island, Icing

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Oslo Love (Sometimes)

May I start off by saying how much I love this girl seen in the picture below? Sarah used to be my best buddy before I started moving around the world, and I had sort of forgotten how awesomely gorgeous she is. I’m really happy I’ve already gotten to see her twice during my stay here.


So today was one of those days when Norway was not that bad. In fact, I almost slightly loved Oslo at the end of it. Sunny weather, three ice creams, shopping (seriously, to me shopping in Europe beats shopping in the US any day, even up here in the north), chilling in the park, having a delicious (but tiny) portion of pad thai, and then later, the smell of lilacs as I stepped off the tram in the middle of the city, and an evening walk at sundown through the newly developed waterfront area (it got dark at 10-something PM – chill, right?), all contributed to me feeling a gush of affection for this city that I normally love to hate. Life’s good, hamdlelah.


Scarf: H&M, studded denim vest: River Island, neon kimono: H&M, dip-back tribal tank: ASOS, acid wash dungarees worn as pants: River Island, bag: Gina Tricot (Norway), studded ankle boots: River Island, accessories: ASOS, Yemen, Ebay


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