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Catching Up Big Time

I’m back in the US with a pretty stable internet connection, which means you will be seeing a lot of posts from my last weeks in Egypt (I know, I’ve been really bad with updates as I’ve been without internet on my computer for a while – check out my Instagram for more timely material). I’ll start with five outfits representing what I wore for the last days of Ramadan, with details posted below each picture. As I’ve noted in previous posts, Ramadan in Cairo is full of social activities and fun, and these last days were no different. As I spent the last part of my stay in Zamalek there were a lot of outings by the Nile, whether an after-iftar farewell party on a feluka on the river with some of the awesome start-up people there, or more calmer, good-quality dining on its banks. I also managed to get some really sha3by activities down, going to the famous El Brins in the populous district of Imbaba for an unforgettable meal (really, I never knew something as simple as rice could taste that good) as well as conducting some late night kebda (liver) and sogo2 (spicy oriental sausage) sandwich hunting close to Tahrir square. How I miss you already, ya Masr.


Crinkled head scarf: H&M, neck scarf: Egypt, baggy geometric print maxi dress: Stradivarius, fringed bag: ASOS, ethnic embroidered belt: Urban Outfitters, shades: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Club Aldo (Egypt).


Multicolor printed scarf: Zara, crinkled neck scarf: H&M, chiffon shirt: Vero Moda, neon shirt: Bershka, polka dot palazzo pants: Forever21, accessories: River Island


Headscarf: Vida Hijabs, denim shirt: Ebay, sleeveless mixed animal-floral print shirt: Vero Moda, gladiator belt: ASOS, maxi skirt: Stradivarius, clutch: vintage, accessories: Ebay, Icing


Peach scarf: Ebay, neck scarf: H&M, sleeveless pastel python print blouse: Mango, pastel python print pants: Mango, necklace: H&M


Scarf: Norway, floral dramatic sleeve blouse: Boohoo, denim wrap belt: taken from denim Vero Moda harem pants, maxi skirt: Zara

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The Skirt (Hijab-ista Review)

The solid-colored, flowy maxi skirt is a hijabi’s wardrobe staple if there ever was one. Versatile and modest as few other garments, it can worn to school or the grocery store, or dressed up for more formal occasions. So when the girls over at Hijab-ista suggested they’d send me their jersey high-waist maxi skirts alongside other products to try out, I was immediately down with the idea.

Not only do the skirts look really good; they’re the most comfortable things you’ll ever wear. Again, the material is light, pleated jersey, and the waist is elastic, making it difficult NOT to want to lounge around with them at ALL times. They also come in four different colors; I got sent the green and the grey. I had originally thought I would need a medium, but given the elastic waist and the flowy shape of the garments, someone my size may opt for a size small.

Below are two casual but quite different ways I styled the skirts on two occasions. The pictures unfortunately do not serve them justice, but you can be sure they will show up in plenty of other OOTDs moving forward as I simply love their appearance and feel. In the second set of pictures I’m wearing a gorgeous Hijab-ista scarf as well, which I will be reviewing alongside other scarves in a later post. It should be no secret, however, that I love it. You can find the products by clicking the direct links below the relevant picture.


Green scarf: Boohoo, grey scarf: Norway, fur: vintage, baggy owl sweater: New Look, skirt: Hijab-ista, accessories: Forever21, Icing, Ebay.


Scarf: Hijab-ista, faux fur: H&M, biker vest: River Island, denim shirt: Ebay, shirt: H&M, skirt: Hijab-ista, purse: Forever21, accessories: Boohoo, Forever21, Icing.

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Urban Tribal

I’ve worn most of what I’m wearing here in previous posts; zebra and tribal prints are urbanized with faux leather, spikes, and a camo colored skirt. I’m on a shopping break for some time, so we’ll see how that goes – It’s about time I learn to live like a student (minus the instant noodles).

Scarf: H&M, faux leather jacket: Pitaya, tribal print top: River Island, camo colored skirt: Stradivarius, clutch: Gina Tricot (Norway), gold sneakers: Forever21, accessories: ASOS, River Island, Ebay

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Neon Lights

What’s good about brights and neons is that my pale face magically appears not as pale. Also, I’m a brown-eyed girl today 🙂 Did you ever try experimenting with colored contacts? How do you wear your neons?

Scarf: H&M, Vero Moda, shirt: Boohoo, shirt: River Island, bag: Steve Madden (old), shoes: Forever21, accessories: Stradivarius, River Island, Asos

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