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Corn Maze Time

This Saturday I finally got to do what I’ve been trying to since I moved to Michigan: partaking in some true Midwestern fall activities, i.e. successfully navigating a corn maze, picking apples, and having freshly fried donuts and pure cider (nom). While finding the exit proved to be slightly more time-consuming than I had thought (the maze was huge) the time wandering among walls of corn was made more entertaining by new people encountered both in and outside the labyrinth. I mean, who would have thought I’d go to the middle-of-nowhere Midwest and get to practice Norwegian again? That was accomplished with the Turkish-Swedish post-doc one of my friends brought along – small world indeed. After bumping into a certain group of people one too many times, we decided to join forces with them at the end of the maze, and thus I met a neighbor and fellow grad student previously unknown to me as well.


Obviously, I wanted to dress the part, and so my outfit is really “country”, with plaid flannel, a suede fringed vest, and high, flat boots. I couldn’t do American blue jeans to this all, however, as I needed some sort of personal touch. Hence the tapestry print pants.


The best donuts and apple cider 30 minutes in a line in the Midwest country side and some $ can buy.



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The Psychedelic Vintage Piece

Having settled in to my new apartment, internet included, I can finally blog again. Wohoo! Since the second last post I’ve started my third (and final) year of classes for my PhD. I’m aiming on spending the next academic year far, far away from here, insha’ Allah (had an incident with a crazy person at a bus this morning that prompted me to express this plan to most people I encountered thereafter). For now, however, I’m stuck in the Midwest (which means I should probably do some stereotypically Midwestern things like hayrides etc before I get out of here).

Enough about that. I love good vintage pieces and the below dress-thingy is no exception in all its psychedelic early-’70s glory. I found it on the sales rack outside a local store and given that it had my name all over it, I made it mine. The pictures are taken around Ann Arbor by the talented Langston Hues. And as always, if you grow tired of waiting for my posts, you can follow me on my Instagram for sneak peeks and more frequent updates.








Scarf: Jordan, neck scarf: Egypt, round shades: Urban Outfitters, hippiesque dress-top: vintage, boyfriend jeans: ASOS, sandals: Forever21, accessories: H&M, Forever21


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Midwest Mood

My apologies for the lack of posts the last few days: I was celebrating the end of the semester with a long weekend in another Midwest middle-of-nowhere city, Columbus, Ohio, where I did typical Midwestern things such as hitting the local malls, eating ice cream, barbecuing (or rather hash w nash; after all, a Palestinian was responsible for it), and otherwise bumming around and spending time with some of my dearest friends from my undergrad days (you know, back when I had time to be social). We also did less all-American things such as dabkeh, group karaoke to North African hits sans mic, and dropping birthday cakes on the floor (love you guys; you never fail to entertain me) .

The weather was quite acceptable, but has since then cooled quite a bit and so I could wear medium light clothes without being too cold. Loose, baggy, and comfy outfits were king as I enjoyed a couple of lazy days to the max. Things shall definitely sharpen up in time for New York.


Raiding the local Forever21 (and H&M) is a must when one is stuck in smaller cities in the Midwest without European chains such as Zara, but why is it always burning hot inside? Guess which pieces I ended up with?


(What I’m wearing: Head scarf: Mohajababes, neck scarf: Gina Tricot (Norway), leather jacket: Pitaya, tribal fringe top: River Island, pleated jersey maxi skirt: Unique Hijabs, bag: Forever21, spiked peep toe heels: River Island, accessories: Icing, ASOS, River Island, Ebay)


(What I’m wearing: Hijab: Unique Hijabs, neon kimono: H&M, washed out graphic tank: H&M, acid wash dungarees worn as jeans: River Island, bag: Forever21, holographic flats: Forever21, accessories: Icing)

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