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Umbrellas and Vintage

This is another quick OOTDx2 post. First up is a rainy day disco fever outfit featuring holographic vinyl joggers. Yes, holographic vinyl joggers. Sadly, due to the lighting and phone cam you can’t really see the holographic pattern, but they are pretty darn awesome (although quite uncomfortable to wear).


Striped transparent umbrella: Urban Outfitters, studded leopard cardigan: Urban Outfitters, chevron fuchsia shirt: Pitaya, vinyl holographic joggers: ASOS, geometric pattern silver clutch: Pitaya, pumps: Aldo.


Flashback: Remember this gaudy, kitchy, sparkly vintage top I bought in New York in the summer against my mom’s insistence that I shouldn’t? I finally got to wear it! Hurray! I toned down the cray vibes with some tan, but kept the style quite vintage, grandma style wrap and all.


Horses and stripes print scarf: Urban Outfitters, sparkly sequin top: vintage, plain cotton maxi skirt: Boohoo, vintage look bag: Tarb Online.

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Flowers and How to Love Cairo

This is sort of neat: one day I wore a flower print jumpsuit, the next day I found and posed with a bush looking pretty much the same as the other day’s print in one of Cairo’s tiny and random public gardens (small reasons for happiness, as you soon will learn). As you all probably know, Cairo is far from the greenest city in the world. Crowded, dusty, and noisy, with packed streets running crisscross between faded behemoths of apartment buildings, it is quite an overwhelming place for many a visitor, and an occasional pain for residents and returning enthusiasts. Still, Cairo remains my favorite city in the world. It is mine. It has soul. I wouldn’t trade it for the beauty of Barcelona, the hipness of Istanbul, nor the relatively organized-ness of gridded US cities like Chicago or New York.

Of course, surviving and coming to love the city is a matter of attitude. To be happy here, you need to adjust your expectations, learn to chill, and adopt a positive outlook. Yes, the city can be an eyesore in broad daylight; learn to appreciate the full potential of its splendor by night – the closer to sunrise the better, as you will have the city almost all to yourself. Cruise across the full extent of an empty 6th of October bridge as the night turns to dawn with some Oum Kalthoum playing in the background to fall in love with the city anew (I did this last Ramadan – traveling from a sohoor gathering in El Dokki after fagr to my place in El Rehab felt almost magical).

Stuck in the infamous Cairo traffic? Observe the various and highly creative forms of non-verbal communication you will not encounter the likes of anywhere else but here. Let your thoughts fly. Read a book. Call a long lost friend. There are many solutions to such a problem. And if you are suffocating from the pollution and noise, you need not look far for an escape. Get on a faluka (boat) from El Maadi (the non-motorized, quiet one) with snack and good friends, enjoy the priceless view and impeccably chill music in Sequoia at the edge of Zamalek overlooking/being surrounded by the Nile, or even better in my opinion (and waaay cheaper), pay five geneih (less than a dollar) to enter Al Azhar park at night (a true oasis in the middle of the city), grab a to-go cup of tea from the outdoor coffee shop, sit on the grassy hill overlooking parts of the city, and talk or reflect while listening to the taraweeh prayers of a hundred mosques (in Ramadan, that is).



Learn to enjoy the simple things you may encounter in the city. Did the taxi driver actually give you the exact change back, including halfs or quarters? What a pleasant surprise! Particularly green gardens in between buildings and cars (like the one above) are to be appreciated. Stores that close at 11 or midnight? Yes, please. Oh, and perhaps the most missed aspect, according to friends who go back and forth or who end up leaving; anything and everything can be delivered to you. At almost any point of the day or night. Groceries, medication, or Mac Donalds at your doorstep? Why, of course. There are a plethora of other small issues to jump with joy over, of course, but I’ll let you discover those on your own (let me know if you already did – what is there to love about Cairo?).


Scarf: Vida Hijabs (check out their Facebook page here), ethnic patterned kimono cardigan: Zara, leopard print top: Indiska (Norway), maxi skirt: Stradivarius, accessories: ASOS, Ebay.


Scarf: Ebay, neck scarf: H&M, oversized shirt: Bershka, tropical flower print jumpsuit: Mango, ethnic black and white belt: River Island, accessories: Icing, River Island.

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Purple Passion

I have a passion for purple, I love dressing up, and I adore gold and bling. For dressing up with a western style dress, I almost always wear my hijab in a spanish hijab style tie, with some exciting details and maybe a matching flower in it. I find that more elegant for this dressed up look than the bumpy normal tie over this one. Remember to use a turtleneck in a nice material, it has to look good with the dress.

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova allready pulled of this look

What do you think about layering when dressing up?

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Frustration with polyvore and future posts on this blog

Polyvore is a really good site if one wants to make an outfit in a hurry… But; I think it looks sooo shabby compared to a nice photoshop job. Everything is badly cut… It also frustrates me that I cant find all the cheap stuff I usually wear there ( I know you can cut out what you like if you download the toolbar program, but still 😦 ). I will try to get my own laptop together soon to post more beautiful cheap stuff, insha’a Allah!

I looooove cheap stuff. Quantity before quality, hehe… No, seriously.. Sometimes cheap stuff can last just as long as the more expensive option.. Thank God for sales!

Hopefully in the future I will also try to get som veiled street fashion up. Im also working on getting different hijabstyles, hopefully with step by step illustrations up 🙂

Stay tuned 🙂

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