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Self Care Time

Sharing my apartment with a social work student for two years taught me one very important thing: self care is absolutely necessary. Thus, following my ex-room mate’s constant advice, I had a very chill Friday consisting of a facial and some healthy comfort food.¬†Obviously, such a day must involve a comfy outfit and although sneakers are not my go-to type of foot wear, for this purpose they are almost obligatory.


The facial lasted for about an hour and a half and at the end I got a little bored. Thus; selfie time. Although selfies and I don’t go well together (after all I’m a style blogger, not a face blogger), I do the occasional ridiculous one to send to people close to me (Snapchat yo!). So this is one of those, just because the person dared me to post it. Scary, huh?


What I’m wearing: headscarf: H&M, multi-patterned infinity scarf: ASOS, pleated back chiffon shirt: Urban Outfitters, sequin khamsa tank top: New Look, baggy pastel pants: New Look, sneakers: ASOS, watch: MODA Style First


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Peek-A-Boo the Halal Way

Yesterday, everything on top was new and totally budget-friendly (and embarrassingly from the “same” place, excluding the earrings). Since my friend had pulled me around four locations of one store hunting for the perfect pair of jeans, I had plenty of time to scout out some affordable items on my way, including this $8 peek-a-boo oversize shirt (again, shopping in Europe > shopping in the US). Who said hijabis cannot wear cut-out or peek-a-boo items, by the way? Add plenty to an outfit by layering them over cool patterns or fresh block colors.

I love shopping the sale, by the way.. I don’t understand the purpose of paying more for what you can get for less, and I suppose I’m more of a quantity before quality type of gal sartorially. It is just no fun to wear the same piece too many times.

That’s in general though, considering my grad student budget. If somebody would bestow upon me an expensive quality garment, I’d gladly accept (of course!).


Oh and while we’re comparing this place to the US, I paid two hours of a US minimum wage (about $15) for the train ride to a friend who lives 15 minutes outside the city that day. That is a pretty offensive price. I certainly missed my environmentally unfriendly US lifestyle of driving around in my compact SUV for a moment.


Star print scarf: Bikbok (on sale, $8), open back shirt: Bikbok (also on sale, $8), tribal/ethnic pastel peplum top: Bikbok (not on sale, but still like $15), pants: Vero Moda, bag: Gina Tricot, holographic ballerina flats: Forever21, big colorful earrings: H&M (also on sale, yo!)

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Sugar Rush

OD’ing on candy trying to use up what’s left in my closet of this summer’s pastels. Can’t even put my glasses on straight… How do you transition between summer and fall? What do you do with the many leftovers from last season?

Scarf: Ebay, jacket: Asos, top: Forever21, pants: Vero Moda (old), bag: Asos, shoes: New Look, accessories: Urban Outfitters, Asos

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So Leoparded..

.. and really pastelly too. Yay for words that are not really words.

Scarf: Mango, shirt: H&M, skirt: Zara, purse: Egypt, shoes: New Look, accessories: Asos

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