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Random Cairo

This is the last collective OOTD post from Egypt, with snippets and/or complete outfits from the days after Eid but before my vacation, and the last two days in curfew-ridden Cairo. Many of the pictures are low in quality as they are taken in the night or at sunset, so please bear with it.


(What I’m wearing: Headscarf: Stradivarius, neck scarf: Stradivarius, chiffon shirt: Vero Moda, long jungle print tunic: H&M, leopard-patterned pants: Vero Moda, harness belt: Urban Outfitters)

This first outfit was an emergency OOTD, only really worn in the taxi to my friend’s house and back. She had her henna party that day, and so my actual, non-hijab appropriate outfit is hiding in my bag.


(What I wore: Scarf: Forever21, college style oversized shirt: River Island, chiffon longline kimono-cardigan: Stradivarius, tribal print colorful pants: Vero Moda)

My third and final visit to Rab3a to check the situation took place – like the other two – right before massive violence. The first time I visited the day before the fagr prayer shootings, the second time I actually had to leave the place as the police had started shooting teargas and bullets in Nasr street starting the second big incident, and this time it preceded the clearing of the area (and even greater casualties, with total numbers still unclear). The paint guy (or tan Tamer Hosny lookalike, according to my friend) above insisted that we take a picture, and we got photo bombed, as you can tell.


(What I wore: Headscarf: Stradivarius, neck scarf: Gina Tricot, sequin blazer jacket: Mango, baggy tank top: H&M, floral chiffon maxi skirt: New Look, most adorable kitten in the world: pet store, haha)

Getting back to Cairo following my El Gouna trip, I was just not prepared to stay in. Curfews and Imaan don’t mix, and additionally I had been craving sushi throughout Ramadan. My room mate (the owner of the above adorable Persian kitten) had tried to call places around Zamalek with no luck. Luckily, Sheikh Google came to the rescue, and with its assistance I was able to identify Makany as a place with owners who care as much about the curfew as I do. My roomie and her fiance was easily convinced to join me rebelling against the idiotic rule, and thus I finally got myself a long-awaited sushi meal (after crossing empty streets and some civilian checkpoints).


I woke up relatively early the last day in Cairo to go have lunch with one of my favorite people from college and our new, awesome friend. Left Bank on the Nile is perfect for breakfast and lunch both food and atmosphere wise, and so we had a great time (until they closed for the curfew, boo hoo). Farewell, my beloved Cairo. May we meet again soon.


(What I wore: pashmina scarf: Ebay, palm tree patterned cardigan: River Island, neon top: Bershka, flowy maxi skirt: Zara, lace tiered maxi skirt: Urban Outfitters, bag: Guess, accessories: Zara, ASOS, H&M, River Island, Icing)

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The “Ethnic” One

Don’t you love it when you wear an outfit put together with pieces solely from mainstream retail stores and some stranger points out that you’re wearing “traditional” or cultural dress just because one piece happens to be generically “ethnic” looking? Yeah. That happens to me a lot. People go all “miss, I just luuuuuuuve your traditional outfit… What culture is it from,” after which I usually respond with mild enjoyment “ooooh, my maxi skirt and top? They’re from Zara/River Island/Urban Outfitters” (whichever applies). Now that always seem to perplex them.

Today – aside from my roomie and main photographer’s graduation (masha’ Allah, congrats) – gifted me with one of the “excuse me, but I noticed you are wearing your ethnic dress and I just wanted to know where you’re from”-moments. In the grocery store, after being pursued around the fruit and vegetable section by an East Asian family trying to take pictures “discretely”, some couple stopped me and asked me that exact question. “Oh, ethnic dress? You mean my headscarf?,” I smiled in an overly sweet manner.

In any case, I did go on to tell them, and they apparently had had a bet. Guy lost out. Not only am I not wearing “ethnic dress, I’m also not Persian. 1 – 0 to me. When did Iranian ethnic dress look like this, anyway?


Oh, and today’s style tip: sometimes, a skinny belt can be too skinny, or it may come in a busy pattern you’d want to calm down. That’s when you want to wear multiple of them, like you see in this outfit (I wore two). This can also work when you have a belt that is too short or too wide. Buckle it up with another or two and you have an extra long belt that may or may fit better several times around your waist.


Scarf: H&M, “ethnic” silky tunic: Zara, pleated maxi skirt: Gina Tricot (Norway), clutch: Francesca, sandals: Forever 21, accessories: Urban Outfitters, Icing, ASOS, Boohoo.

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