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Oslo Love (Sometimes)

May I start off by saying how much I love this girl seen in the picture below? Sarah used to be my best buddy before I started moving around the world, and I had sort of forgotten how awesomely gorgeous she is. I’m really happy I’ve already gotten to see her twice during my stay here.


So today was one of those days when Norway was not that bad. In fact, I almost slightly loved Oslo at the end of it. Sunny weather, three ice creams, shopping (seriously, to me shopping in Europe beats shopping in the US any day, even up here in the north), chilling in the park, having a delicious (but tiny) portion of pad thai, and then later, the smell of lilacs as I stepped off the tram in the middle of the city, and an evening walk at sundown through the newly developed waterfront area (it got dark at 10-something PM – chill, right?), all contributed to me feeling a gush of affection for this city that I normally love to hate. Life’s good, hamdlelah.


Scarf: H&M, studded denim vest: River Island, neon kimono: H&M, dip-back tribal tank: ASOS, acid wash dungarees worn as pants: River Island, bag: Gina Tricot (Norway), studded ankle boots: River Island, accessories: ASOS, Yemen, Ebay


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Midwest Mood

My apologies for the lack of posts the last few days: I was celebrating the end of the semester with a long weekend in another Midwest middle-of-nowhere city, Columbus, Ohio, where I did typical Midwestern things such as hitting the local malls, eating ice cream, barbecuing (or rather hash w nash; after all, a Palestinian was responsible for it), and otherwise bumming around and spending time with some of my dearest friends from my undergrad days (you know, back when I had time to be social). We also did less all-American things such as dabkeh, group karaoke to North African hits sans mic, and dropping birthday cakes on the floor (love you guys; you never fail to entertain me) .

The weather was quite acceptable, but has since then cooled quite a bit and so I could wear medium light clothes without being too cold. Loose, baggy, and comfy outfits were king as I enjoyed a couple of lazy days to the max. Things shall definitely sharpen up in time for New York.


Raiding the local Forever21 (and H&M) is a must when one is stuck in smaller cities in the Midwest without European chains such as Zara, but why is it always burning hot inside? Guess which pieces I ended up with?


(What I’m wearing: Head scarf: Mohajababes, neck scarf: Gina Tricot (Norway), leather jacket: Pitaya, tribal fringe top: River Island, pleated jersey maxi skirt: Unique Hijabs, bag: Forever21, spiked peep toe heels: River Island, accessories: Icing, ASOS, River Island, Ebay)


(What I’m wearing: Hijab: Unique Hijabs, neon kimono: H&M, washed out graphic tank: H&M, acid wash dungarees worn as jeans: River Island, bag: Forever21, holographic flats: Forever21, accessories: Icing)

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Another quick OOTD post: This is about as simple as you’ll ever see my outfits. Minimal accessories, black, white, and neon. I think I’m unable to pull off the whole monochrome look by itself; I need a splash of color to brighten my day. Oh, and the pants.. I got them back in the summer after having eyed them for a while and being told by friends on two different occasions that I shouldn’t (that they look like prisoner/clown pants). Lesson of the day: most of the time, your friends want what’s best for you. That includes dissuading you from buying weird pieces to save you the risk of looking strange. Thus, if you fancy stuff a little out of the ordinary, go shopping alone. Or just ignore their advice.



Scarf: Ebay, biker vest: River Island, blazer: ASOS, neon tunic: Gina Tricot (Norway), striped wide legged pants: H&M, purse: Forever21, studded ankle boots: River Island, accessories: Accessorize, Ebay.

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Egyptian treasures – Hijab, clothing and accessories

As most of you know,I was lucky enough to escape the cold North for a week to go to my beloved Masr (Egypt)! I did some relaxing, I had some fun, and I even got to shop a little (although I wish I had time for even more of that)..

So what would you want to buy in Egypt? Well there’s always the obvious SCARF. When in Egypt you have to buy tons of scarves (there are not many places elsewhere where you can buy your hijab for less than 2$ and up)!!!! Buy your hijabs from street vendors in Wust el balad (downtown), or bargain in el Husayn (Khan el Khaleely). You should also get your hands on some Egyptian cotton galabiyas with oriental embroidery from here!

If you are like me, and dress in a blend of eastern and western fusion (not abayas), you will definitely need basics to layer with. Thank God then for Carina body wear. I bought 3 lightweight turtlenecks from here, and they’re great. You will find every color your heart desires plus some more. I have to admit that I tried to find the hijab-neck top, and that Carina has stopped carrying it (hmmmm… wonder why).. Anyway looks silly, but I also had a small hope I could turn it into something cool. I managed to find a light pink one in another store. Still haven’t had the guts to wear it…

Hijab accessories are musts! Buy 3 of those 30 cent boxes with hijab pins. Buy 1 and 2 $ under scarves and bonnets in colors you cannot find elsewhere. If you use loose sleeves, buy em too. You can find all this anywhere. You gotta get your hands on the latest hejab fashion magazine as well.

Geneenah mall is my favorite shopping spot for clothing. Not classy like City Stars, but far better quality than the clothes in Wust el balad (and not much more expensive either). On the basement floor you will find most of the scarf and hijab stores, and also all the abayas (more about Geneenah mall later)… Get long tops and stuff you won’t find easily in the West, including loooong skirts.

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! I have to admit that I hate most of what you get in Egyptian shoe stores. Go to the famous in Egypt Club Aldo for shoes that cost nothing and look hot! My newer favorite shoe store is Tata Tio. They have it in El Rehab Mall II, unfortunately I don’t know where else 😦

So there you go. That’s what hijab fashionistas shop in Egypt. What do you buy when you visit Egypt?

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Fab Jilbabs

How I want a jilbab or two from Al-hijaab! This page has got some unique designs, and they will tailor the outfit for you, according to your measurements. And they all come with matching hijab! This pink one is sooo sweet, yet elegant, while the green one… I can’t even find words for it. It’s just glamorous!

I also kinda like these two:

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