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The Oversized Vintage Coat

Since oversized coats are the thing at the moment, and since Michigan is making me to feel permanently frozen, I’ve been searching for a time to get to go thrifting for one. And some days ago, I finally managed to do so. I entered the weirdly smelling store¬† (I’ll admit Etsy is more of my style of shopping vintage, as I don’t have to brave the odor and piles of junk that plagues conventional shops) and judging from the attendants’ reaction, hijabis in tutus and military boots are likely not among their usual clientele.

I swiftly picked out four coats to try on, and was out in a matter of minutes. This $6 beauty seen in the Langston Hues pictures below is what I scored. As to get the fullest out of its voluminous cut, I went for an androgynous look, complete with chunky glasses, brogue shoes, and a sharp vintage bag. Yay for thrift stores!






Scarf: Unique Hijabs, colorful oversized coat: thrift Store, silk shirt: ASOS, tribal patterned pants: Boohoo, bag: mom’s closet, man shoes: Aldo

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Flowers and How to Love Cairo

This is sort of neat: one day I wore a flower print jumpsuit, the next day I found and posed with a bush looking pretty much the same as the other day’s print in one of Cairo’s tiny and random public gardens (small reasons for happiness, as you soon will learn). As you all probably know, Cairo is far from the greenest city in the world. Crowded, dusty, and noisy, with packed streets running crisscross between faded behemoths of apartment buildings, it is quite an overwhelming place for many a visitor, and an occasional pain for residents and returning enthusiasts. Still, Cairo remains my favorite city in the world. It is mine. It has soul. I wouldn’t trade it for the beauty of Barcelona, the hipness of Istanbul, nor the relatively organized-ness of gridded US cities like Chicago or New York.

Of course, surviving and coming to love the city is a matter of attitude. To be happy here, you need to adjust your expectations, learn to chill, and adopt a positive outlook. Yes, the city can be an eyesore in broad daylight; learn to appreciate the full potential of its splendor by night – the closer to sunrise the better, as you will have the city almost all to yourself. Cruise across the full extent of an empty 6th of October bridge as the night turns to dawn with some Oum Kalthoum playing in the background to fall in love with the city anew (I did this last Ramadan – traveling from a sohoor gathering in El Dokki after fagr to my place in El Rehab felt almost magical).

Stuck in the infamous Cairo traffic? Observe the various and highly creative forms of non-verbal communication you will not encounter the likes of anywhere else but here. Let your thoughts fly. Read a book. Call a long lost friend. There are many solutions to such a problem. And if you are suffocating from the pollution and noise, you need not look far for an escape. Get on a faluka (boat) from El Maadi (the non-motorized, quiet one) with snack and good friends, enjoy the priceless view and impeccably chill music in Sequoia at the edge of Zamalek overlooking/being surrounded by the Nile, or even better in my opinion (and waaay cheaper), pay five geneih (less than a dollar) to enter Al Azhar park at night (a true oasis in the middle of the city), grab a to-go cup of tea from the outdoor coffee shop, sit on the grassy hill overlooking parts of the city, and talk or reflect while listening to the taraweeh prayers of a hundred mosques (in Ramadan, that is).



Learn to enjoy the simple things you may encounter in the city. Did the taxi driver actually give you the exact change back, including halfs or quarters? What a pleasant surprise! Particularly green gardens in between buildings and cars (like the one above) are to be appreciated. Stores that close at 11 or midnight? Yes, please. Oh, and perhaps the most missed aspect, according to friends who go back and forth or who end up leaving; anything and everything can be delivered to you. At almost any point of the day or night. Groceries, medication, or Mac Donalds at your doorstep? Why, of course. There are a plethora of other small issues to jump with joy over, of course, but I’ll let you discover those on your own (let me know if you already did – what is there to love about Cairo?).


Scarf: Vida Hijabs (check out their Facebook page here), ethnic patterned kimono cardigan: Zara, leopard print top: Indiska (Norway), maxi skirt: Stradivarius, accessories: ASOS, Ebay.


Scarf: Ebay, neck scarf: H&M, oversized shirt: Bershka, tropical flower print jumpsuit: Mango, ethnic black and white belt: River Island, accessories: Icing, River Island.

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Dots on Dots & Tribal Attack

This is going to be a very quick 2 x outfit of the day post, as the last few days have been a little crazy (in a good, socially active, ramadan-ish way). The last days have been filled partly with delicious food and sweets, partly with interesting people, and partly with spirituality. And as always with a lot of prints and colors sartorially. I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful month and that you’ll be rewarded for all your efforts.


Headscarf: Ebay, neck scarf: H&M, pharaonic/ethnic print tunic: Zara, tribal print maxi skirt: Stradivarius, fringed bag: ASOS, accessories: Urban Outfitters, Icing, Boohoo.


Scarf: H&M, polkadot dip-back shirt: Forever21, polkadot palazzos: Forever21, clutch: Gina Tricot (Norway), harness/necklace: River Island, accessories: ASOS, H&M.

PS! Even though I’m the more is more type, things can get too much for me as well sometimes. I actually removed this belt right after the pictures as it was a little too much going on, making the outfit look less than its potential. Sadly, the pictures were taken before that point.

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Hammer Time

After some detours through Helsinki, Finland to the east, Chicago, Illinois to the West, and secondary inspections at the US immigration (do I look that scary? This is the second time it happens! They didn’t hold me for too long this time around, however – I think the countries I visited this time around couldn’t justify making me miss my connection¬† for a longer interview) I finally made it back to Michigan. Now even though I’m not the biggest fan of small town Midwest, it is always good to come home to my own bed, my wardrobe (living out of a suitcase is far from an ideal situation for someone who does not normally wear the same outfit twice), and – after the two weeks in Spain – some real morning food! What a luxury a simple breakfast of quality black tea, zait we zaatar, labneh, and boiled eggs with sumac and cumin feels like after having lived on plastic wrapped croissants and fake la vache qui rit cheese for 14 days!


Having my entire wardrobe to my disposal again felt quite liberating, and so I celebrated by putting together something edgy; a vintage gold brocade blazer with a velvet collar on top of a tribal print embellished top and a serious case of hammer pants. And so my day filled with errands and attempts at catching up became much easier to deal with. I’m a staunch believer in dressing to feel good.

Which reminds me, on a somewhat unrelated note, of something I thought about earlier today; how convenient it is – when dressing like I do – not having to take into consideration opinions about my sartorial choices from a better half. Most of the time when I look myself in the mirror wearing what I deem a successful outfit, my thoughts usually go along the lines of “daaaym, I look eccentric/fly. I also look quite intimidating and unattractive to straight guys. Sort of like a Muslim man repeller.” And that’s how I like it.


Scarf: H&M, neck scarf: Gina Tricot (Norway), brocade and velvet boyfriend blazer: vintage, tribal embellished top: River Island, linen harem pants: Spain, bag: Gina Tricot (Norway), golden gladiator sandals: H&M, accessories: Icing, Ebay

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Catch-up Spring

The weather is catching up with the season, while I’m catching up with remaining grading, schoolwork, and posting outfit pictures up on the blog. As such, this post and the next will contain two outfits each and minimal writing. I shall make it up by posting more wordy, interesting posts in the near future as soon as I turn in my research proposals, papers, and grades, iA, so keep checking in.


Scarf: Hijab-ista, biker vest: River Island, studded shirt: H&M, pleated shirt: Boohoo, black tank extender (these are great for the summer to avoid too many layers): Vous Etes Belle, pants: Urban Outfitters, bag: ASOS, shoes: H&M, accessories: River Island, Ebay


Scarf: Egypt, neck scarf: H&M, ethnic beaded and embellished vest: Zara, top: Gina Tricot (Norway), maxi skirt: Mango, bag: ASOS, sandals: New Look, accessories: ASOS, Ebay.

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