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The Polkadot Palazzo

These pictures are actually a week old plus – as I mentioned, I’ve been insanely busy moving, traveling, and getting situated here in Cairo (if it is a little quiet on here sometimes, you can always check out my Instagram account). First up, I’m showing some love for the June 30 protests (for pressuring purposes: although I certainly wasn’t sad to see Morsi go I’m not really a fan of the coup, but I’ll save that for a later post) with a more natural, Ramadan appropriate makeup.


Those of you who’ve followed me for a while know how big of a fan I am of heavy eye makeup and this is definitely not the end of that. I just felt like I’ve had a daily overdose of makeup for some months now, and thus I’m trying a mild rehab approach to my face. The below left picture is representative of my current daily makeup, the one to the right is my makeup in Spain (in the evening, but nevertheless, you get my point, I believe..).


Below is what I wore on my last day in Michigan before setting out on new adventures. It was quite a busy last day as I had to fit in a Skype interview with Levant TV, an abaya photoshoot (see previous post), and the moving of all my belongings to a storage. These two year old palazzo pants saw the light again after a long time off duty, as they are ideally comfy for all the activity. Pheww. Glad to be done.


Scarf: H&M, tribal tank top: Forever21, denim shirt: Ebay, polkadot palazzo pants: Forever21, bag: Gina Tricot (Norway), studded ankle boots: River Island, accessories: River Island, Norway, Ebay.

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The ’80s Glasses

This may or may not be the last post I write from Oslo this time around. I’m leaving Norway behind Sunday as I head to Granada, Spain, for what I anticipate to be a quite enriching scholarly program,  Dialogo Global’s Critical Muslim Studies: Decolonial Struggles, Theology of Liberation and Islamic Revival. The two-week trip shall be wrapped up with a weekend in Barcelona, insha’ Allah.


This is just going to be some gushing over finally getting to wear these insanely cool vintage ’80s sunglasses I snagged from my mother’s closet of treasures at the beginning of my stay. I felt cool. They would have been even better with a turban style, though, so I need to make sure that happens in Spain sometime. Otherwise my outfit is really chill: I was visiting a dear friend of mine outside the city and I needed something to lounge around in while still looking presentable. Jersey is the thing for such a purpose, and if you want to be just as comfortable as I was, you should head to H&M asap and grab this cheap baggy skirt with pockets. I’m loving it.


Aztec print scarf: Bikbok (Norway), pleated back chiffon shirt: Urban Outfitters, tribal print mash-up peplum top: Bikbok (Norway), jersey maxi skirt (H&M), bag: Guess, studded gladiator sandals: River Island, accessories: vintage from mom’s closet, Yemen.

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New York…

It is not me, it is you. Although you’re pretty alright compared to “exotic” Michigan, you are not awesome enough to totally make up for that fat rat that almost hit my leg running down the metro stairs, the constant smell of sewage or urine, or that white, middle-aged guy who thought it’d be just fine to steal my taxi from me with his two spoiled brats, ignoring my screaming and admittedly pathetic cursing.

I do not use the F-word and multiple other more powerful ones, and so I ended up yelling weak phrases like “you rude idiot” – that obviously won’t cut it in New York City. Although I resisted the urge to pull him out of the taxi and hit him, thus potentially facing deportation (idk if that could really happen but I better stay on the safe side), I made a mental note to carry a less lethal but insulting weapon around the next time (a shibshib – flip-flop sandal, anyone?).


(Looking all homeless and stuff after missing the Megabus back to my favorite US city, DC. What I wore: scarf: Norway, fringed suede vest: River Island, statement sweater: River Island, white tank coverup: Vous Etes Belle Fashion, boyfriend jeans: ASOS, bag: Forever21, studded ankle boots: River Island, accessories: Ebay, ASOS, Icing)

Also. New York does sleep, at least compared to Cairo. Despite the latter’s even dirtier and stinkier appearance, the life of that city makes up for just about anything else.


(Exploring Brooklyn, a pretty chill part of town. What I wore: scarf: street vendor, tiger print shirt: Norway, tropical print maxi skirt: Boohoo, bag: Forever21, leopard sandals: New Look, massive vintage necklace: gift from my friend Reem, antique look silver bracelet: Yemen, kaf/hand earring: El Husayn, Egypt)


(Closeup of the statement piece of statement pieces, gifted to me on my last birthday by my dear friend Reem)


(Unbeatable combo:  being a kid AND eating awesome food. I live for good food. This girl doesn’t do diets.)

It is not all bad, however. Far from it. What I do love about New York  is its many originals. People wear anything and everything, and sing in the streets. Now that’s my kind of crowd. Thus my serious print mismatching outfit and my tutu were very well received.


(A punkish state of mind. Or something along those lines. What I wore: skull print scarf: H&M, jersey neck scarf: Unique Hijabs, neon pink shirt: Forever21, suspenders: Urban Outfitters, black maxi tutu: Ebay [the seller is Angel-Secret], bag: Gina Tricot [Norway], accessories: Icing, ASOS, street vendor)

What’s more, I got to see my mom and sister, attended a charity event, went thrifting (and got a tacky-superb sequin top), did some sight-seeing, got to eat some yummy food (that reeeeally matters to me), and caught up with some loveable girls.


(Stylish lovely ladies  Ayperi and Sana from ModHijabi <3)

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