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Conference of the Birds +1

I’ve moved! It took some days to settle in and get everything in place, but I finally have all my clothing with me again! What I don’t have, however, is internet. And you can imagine how that is as a blogger. Not the best situation at all. Thus this will be another brief ootd x 2 post. Expect neater pictures up very soon though, as I just shot two new outfits with the ever talented Langston Hues yesterday.


Leopard print scarf: some US discount store, pleated neck scarf: H&M, bird print sweat shirt: Zara, maxi skirt: Forever21, clutch: Francesca’s, flip-flops (ugh): Tj Maxx, accessories: Icing, H&M, Accessorize


Scarf: Egypt, tribal print kimono/cardigan: Stradivarius, boyfriend jeas: ASOS, bag: Guess, studded gladiator sandals: River Island


And this, my friends, is how I look “behind the scenes”, or more accurately, when I’ve had enough of posing and want my phone back. Right there and then. The zombie look, basically.

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Dots on Dots & Tribal Attack

This is going to be a very quick 2 x outfit of the day post, as the last few days have been a little crazy (in a good, socially active, ramadan-ish way). The last days have been filled partly with delicious food and sweets, partly with interesting people, and partly with spirituality. And as always with a lot of prints and colors sartorially. I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful month and that you’ll be rewarded for all your efforts.


Headscarf: Ebay, neck scarf: H&M, pharaonic/ethnic print tunic: Zara, tribal print maxi skirt: Stradivarius, fringed bag: ASOS, accessories: Urban Outfitters, Icing, Boohoo.


Scarf: H&M, polkadot dip-back shirt: Forever21, polkadot palazzos: Forever21, clutch: Gina Tricot (Norway), harness/necklace: River Island, accessories: ASOS, H&M.

PS! Even though I’m the more is more type, things can get too much for me as well sometimes. I actually removed this belt right after the pictures as it was a little too much going on, making the outfit look less than its potential. Sadly, the pictures were taken before that point.

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Royal Boheme

This trip came to an end where it started – in front of the green door of my mother’s apartment’s building. I spent my one day layover in Oslo running errands and spending some quality time with my mom and sister, before heading west. I will not be apart from the Old World for too long, however. Can you guess my next destination?


Also.. A lot of you asked about this skirt which is technically not a skirt, but a maxi dress worn as one. I tend to use this fashion hack a lot, especially now that maxi skirts are harder to come by since they are not as on-trend as previous summers. So should you 😉 It works with any tube, halter, or spaghetti strap maxi dress; simply fold the top down inside the “skirt” part and wear a belt in your waist to make it stay put.


Scarf: My mom’s closet, studded shirt: H&M, bohemian maxi dress worn as skirt: Promod, leather bag: Spain, sandals: Norway, accessories: Icing, vintage

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The ’80s Glasses

This may or may not be the last post I write from Oslo this time around. I’m leaving Norway behind Sunday as I head to Granada, Spain, for what I anticipate to be a quite enriching scholarly program,  Dialogo Global’s Critical Muslim Studies: Decolonial Struggles, Theology of Liberation and Islamic Revival. The two-week trip shall be wrapped up with a weekend in Barcelona, insha’ Allah.


This is just going to be some gushing over finally getting to wear these insanely cool vintage ’80s sunglasses I snagged from my mother’s closet of treasures at the beginning of my stay. I felt cool. They would have been even better with a turban style, though, so I need to make sure that happens in Spain sometime. Otherwise my outfit is really chill: I was visiting a dear friend of mine outside the city and I needed something to lounge around in while still looking presentable. Jersey is the thing for such a purpose, and if you want to be just as comfortable as I was, you should head to H&M asap and grab this cheap baggy skirt with pockets. I’m loving it.


Aztec print scarf: Bikbok (Norway), pleated back chiffon shirt: Urban Outfitters, tribal print mash-up peplum top: Bikbok (Norway), jersey maxi skirt (H&M), bag: Guess, studded gladiator sandals: River Island, accessories: vintage from mom’s closet, Yemen.

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The Simple Life

While spending the afternoon and evening at my grandma’s place with mom’s family barbequing and eating delicious sweet stuff, I was inspired to grab/sit in/come out of Norwegian looking things for some different looking Instagram pictures. My family was not too amused with my attempts to pass these things off as typical activities here.


(Upper left: Reading lamp/flashlight Norwegian style. Upper right: Norwegians enjoy a good cake – this is actually true.  Lower left: pimp my ride, Norwegian edition. Lower right: Norwegians keep dungeons, not basements)

But I was, haha. Creds to my uncle for snapping way better pics than my mom (it is almost like my soon-to-be ex-roomie Sarah took them :)). Also; despite the rural appearance, these photos were all taken 15 minutes driving from the city center – it is far from as bad as it seems…


Scarf: H&M, fringed suede vest: River Island, neon pink shirt: Forever21,  tribal multicolor pants: ASOS, small bag: Gina Tricot (Norway), leopard sandals: New Look, accessories: ASOS, Icing.

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