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Tunic & Pants x 3

As a freshly covered girl, cardigans, thigh-long tunics, and jeans were pretty much my uniform. Everything I owned came in the the same cut (normal solid color cardis, medium wash wide-legged denim, and your typical Forever 21 satin/chiffon patterned empire waist mini dresses) with a slight variation in color, and I saw little possibility for mixing things up while staying modest. Not surprisingly then, when I started reinventing my style, the tunics and were the first to go. It would take long before I’d be completely comfortable with them again (and then never with jeans and cardigans).

Having said that, tunics are pretty easy to work with for veiled women, and typically less dramatic than either maxi skirts or flowy dresses, and thus perfect for school/college (although those who know me know that I myself am as likely to wear those as tutus to class or teaching :P). Below are three completely different looking outfits I’ve worn lately, each featuring long tops and pants (oh, and as I discovered after juxtaposing them, the very same faux fur piece).

The girly one: with a lightly pleated “skirt” and crochet collar, this Delicate Hijabi top is sugary by itself. Add some fur, silky pants, and a cute clutch, and the outfit could hardly get more girly.


Scarf: Ebay, faux fur: H&M, dramatic dip-back shirt worn as cardigan: ASOS, crochet collar tunic: Delicate Hijabi, printed satin “pj” pants: H&M, heart-shaped lace clutch: Forever21, front zipper peep toe ankle boots: Aldo

The saturated one: Burgundy and burnt orange can be risky, but work well if done right (you can’t get more fall-like colors than these). Combine velvet and plaid for a bold look.


Scarf: Ebay, faux fur piece: H&M, velvet blazer: vintage, long tunic: H&M, plaid pants: ASOS, leather bag: souvenir shop in Spain, faux fur top flat boots: Aldo

The wild one: With crazy-pattern pants like these, who’d want to tone it down? Continue the playfulness with a basic print-clash staple: leopard/cheetah print.


Silk scarf: Egypt, faux fur piece: H&M, leopard print kimono: Stradivarius, jewel print pants: ASOS, bag: Accessorize, tribal patternet brogue shoes: Forever21.

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Keeping Cool

The hottest summer days can be very frustrating times to get dressed if you are a hijabi. But if you use all linen and silk material, loose fitting, you should be better off than people wearing shorts and tanks! Those materials are sooo cooling, you’ll feel like you almost walk around “naked” :S

True! Pick a regular hijab tie way for this outfit, turtlenecks are way too hot for those days 🙂

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My new kaftan <3

This is my “beach cover up” kaftan that I bought on sale a couple of days ago (that inspired me to do the kaftan post). I wear it almost like this, with silver bag and gladiators, except that everything I own is affordable and not Chanel and brand stuff… I would love this purse though… *DROOLING*

Choose some of those scarves, tie it in a cool, spanish hijab style, and you will look fab. A lot of “oriental” bling reccomended for this look 🙂

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Hot summer tip

Always steering clear of the beach and swimwear section? Not anymore. Easy, breezy kaftans used for covering up swimsuits and bikinis are great for us hijabis, layered over basic long sleeved tops or turtlenecks. Better grab some now at the sales! Unfortunately the following two were not marked down, but im sure you can find something similar.. I did! Me likey!

Tunic Caftan

Cool blue kaftan from Monsoon Accessorize, £95. Click here to buy.

Pink Caftan Tunic

Cute pink kaftan tunic from Monsoon Accessorize, £40. Click here to buy. It might be a little bit tight here, but I think that if you dont tie it up to tight in the back, it will look all right!

What do you think about kaftans?

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