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The Oversized Vintage Coat

Since oversized coats are the thing at the moment, and since Michigan is making me to feel permanently frozen, I’ve been searching for a time to get to go thrifting for one. And some days ago, I finally managed to do so. I entered the weirdly smelling store  (I’ll admit Etsy is more of my style of shopping vintage, as I don’t have to brave the odor and piles of junk that plagues conventional shops) and judging from the attendants’ reaction, hijabis in tutus and military boots are likely not among their usual clientele.

I swiftly picked out four coats to try on, and was out in a matter of minutes. This $6 beauty seen in the Langston Hues pictures below is what I scored. As to get the fullest out of its voluminous cut, I went for an androgynous look, complete with chunky glasses, brogue shoes, and a sharp vintage bag. Yay for thrift stores!






Scarf: Unique Hijabs, colorful oversized coat: thrift Store, silk shirt: ASOS, tribal patterned pants: Boohoo, bag: mom’s closet, man shoes: Aldo

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Umbrellas and Vintage

This is another quick OOTDx2 post. First up is a rainy day disco fever outfit featuring holographic vinyl joggers. Yes, holographic vinyl joggers. Sadly, due to the lighting and phone cam you can’t really see the holographic pattern, but they are pretty darn awesome (although quite uncomfortable to wear).


Striped transparent umbrella: Urban Outfitters, studded leopard cardigan: Urban Outfitters, chevron fuchsia shirt: Pitaya, vinyl holographic joggers: ASOS, geometric pattern silver clutch: Pitaya, pumps: Aldo.


Flashback: Remember this gaudy, kitchy, sparkly vintage top I bought in New York in the summer against my mom’s insistence that I shouldn’t? I finally got to wear it! Hurray! I toned down the cray vibes with some tan, but kept the style quite vintage, grandma style wrap and all.


Horses and stripes print scarf: Urban Outfitters, sparkly sequin top: vintage, plain cotton maxi skirt: Boohoo, vintage look bag: Tarb Online.

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Lady In Red (Cliché, I know)

I hardly ever wear bright red because of my relatively pale face skin (also, for some reason my skin tone is strongly yellowish from the chin area and down but from my chin and up slightly pinkish, and that doesn’t go very well with this color either). Thus, when Diamonds in the Rough Fashion (DIR Fashion) gifted me this vintage look dress, I was more than skeptical about the color. Not only that, the cut looked slightly shapeless on the mannequin and on the tall, blonde model wearing it in different colors. But you know, everything works well with extra meat, I figured (obviously, the “ideal” starved look never really convinced me – first of all I simply love food too much, and second, curves are a beautiful blessing of womanhood, seriously). And I was right. Once received in the mail, I slipped it on, only to fall in love with it. The dress is really versatile, elegant, and comfy – no layers required. The red is much warmer than it appears in the picture, and so it is not really too harsh on my skin tone. Did I mention that it is ridiculously affordable at just below $50? So yes, you should definitely check it out.

Enough about that. I went to Dearborn with the girls yesterday for some delicious food, some grocery shopping (seriously, it is wild – the quality is way better than your local supermarket and the prices are less than half of what it is in Kroger, for example), and 1001 laughs – a comedy festival held at the Arab-American Museum. Now going to Dearborn is completely normal, but going with someone who’ve never ever been there before is a lot of fun – wide eyes and statements that it “feels just like a different country”, “uuuuuhhh the signs and menus are in Arabic”, and other excitement are to be expected. The night was great. We put ourselves in a food coma with a gigantic plate of grilled meats and other stuff, salads, and so on – intended for three people but we were five sharing it and still had to take each our box of leftovers (note: I eat like a man so that is a pretty impressive amount of food). We did some hurried shopping before enjoying the show, and ended our night Arab-style with some last-minute orders of creme caramel, konafa, and ba2lawa at Shatila, before stuffing seven girls in a 5 seat car. Good times.

Oh, and the pictures were taken by my homie Langston Hues, as is mostly the case whenever I have good ones up.






What I’m wearing: Scarf: Ebay, faux fur: H&M, pleated vintage-look maxi dress: DIR Fashion, bag: New Look, peep toe heels: Aldo, accessories: Boohoo, H&M, River Island

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Grandma Style and a Tale of Two Beggars

I walked down a main street on campus with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, on a mission to quench my thirst in the surprisingly hot and sunny fall weather when a black woman stops us. She is sitting half way on the lap of a man, half way on the ground. “Where are you guys from?” I responded with my foreignness  but made sure to point out that my friend is American – having lived here most of her life. “What do you think about America?” she asked me, as the gentleman whose lap she was balancing on bent slightly toward me, apparently paying more attention now. “Well, I like it here, but there are of course some things that are less great or that I dislike,” I responded, sensing the tense situation as the couple looked at me as if they were ready to attack, slightly frowning. “Stuff you dislike… WHAT do you dislike,” the man uttered somewhat aggressively.

I bowed down to get to face level with them. “Well, for once, although I really can’t complain about the many opportunities here, I’m saddened to see that there’s little of a safety net to catch people who are out in bad luck – or who just started out that way. I mean I’m all for self-help where possible, but who is to tell a person to pull him or herself up by the bootstrap if they were born and raised in the inner city, attended a substandard school, and did not get proper health care or nutrition while growing up?”***The slight frowns turned to expressions of approval, especially on behalf of the woman. “Honey, I agree with you. See, I’m not homeless but I’m unemployed, and it is hard to get the ends to meet so I beg.” She continued “I have three boys in school that I have to feed and take care of… You know, school is really necessary these days. What are you studying, sweetie?” “Oh me? I’m doing my PhD in political science,” I responded with a slight smile. “I’m so proud of you, dear,” she uttered as she grabbed for my hand and held it. “Do you know what? I’m going back to school next year, I think, although I’m 49 years old.” “Well then I’m certainly proud of you,” I smiled. “How old are you, sweetie,” she quizzed me, before answering herself. “21? 19?” I started giggling. “Had it only been that well. I’m 26.” She looked at me in disbelief. “Oh, well, then I certainly need some of what you’re having.”


She started playing with my bangles. “Do you want some?” I quickly asked? “Oh,” she chuckled, “ideally I want money, but yes, I’d love some”. I quickly removed two and handed them to her. She struggled to make them fit on her rough, cut up hands. “They don’t fit,” she exclaimed as she looked rather disappointed. I glanced over on my other hand where I wore two bigger ones, and quickly slipped off a wood and metal one that was slightly loose on my arm. “here, try this”. It looked like it may have a better chance of working but it was still not easy. “Push, push” she yelled, spitting on her wrist to make it more slippery. “But I don’t want to hurt you,” I said. “Push, I really want it to fit.” “Uhm, ok, but really, you need to tell me to stop if I’m hurting you,” I responded nervously. She spat on her wrist again. I made a final effort to push a little harder, and lo and behold; the bracelet finally overcame the thickest part of her wrist and slipped onto her arm.

“Thaaaaank you,” she said, her eyes beaming with happiness, as she bent forward to give me a big, long bear hug. “Thank you so much, dear. You know how most people really look down on us, disrespecting us while we’re begging and stuff. Thank you, and bless all what you do.” I smiled at her and squeezed her hand. “Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day. God bless you and your efforts to go back to school” I shook the man’s hand as well as I stood up to leave.

Sometimes, money is not the most important thing (although it is certainly necessary in this life) To share a smile, some words, a hug, a compliment, or even to take the time for a conversation can really change someone’s day, especially if that somebody is someone who people typically ignore. Not only that; making people’s day feels more beautiful than most other things in life, even awesome gifts. And believe me, I’m far from a selfless person; gifts usually really mean a lot to me 😉

***It may, from my statement, appear that I’m a socialist. I’m not; I vote liberal (by the Old World definition of the word, not the US definition) back in my country of citizenship, but I grew up in a welfare state where the liberal standard is much more humane than what it is here in the US. Still, I’ve also seen the downside of the Nordic welfare state’s lack of competition, mainly mediocrity.


Scarf: Nahda Designs, faux fur scarf: H&M, dolman sleeve crop blazer: New Look, pleated palazzo pants: Boohoo, floral grandma bag: Forever21, ankle boots: Aldo

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THE Dress by Rayan

If you are a hijabi or just like to cover in general, chances are high that you’ve searched for full-length, full-sleeve evening wear before without luck. Many of us end up throwing a bolero or jacket on top of sleeveless gowns, or layering it with the dreaded Carina (long-sleeved coverup top – don’t do it, it is almost NEVER a good idea). I myself usually end up in a vintage dress, since many of the ’70s formal dresses come in a hijab friendly cut by default.

Nevertheless, good vintage isn’t always easy to come by, and so when I first discovered Rayan’s fantastic debut collection, I couldn’t but wish for a piece for myself. My little wish came true when I met the fabulous sisters behind the brand at Fashion Fighting Famine, where I got the chic dress below. I feel bad that it took me so long to finally get it up on the page – while I soon found an occasion to wear it at (a friend’s wedding), I never received the first set of pictures I took with the dress, and then my summer plans delayed a second shoot until my return (perhaps there was a meaning behind it all, as my homie Langston Hues‘ skills are always worth waiting for).


In any case, I sincerely want you to know how much I love this dress. It is dressy enough for a wedding, but simple enough for less festive events (I also wore it to a fundraiser, thus being guilty of “recycling”  which, *shhh* I usually don’t do – obviously I love it a lot). The cut is extremely flattering, and the peplum is a great way to have a fitted skirt while still being relatively covered. Wearing it is a dream due to the stretchy-cottony fabric it comes in; it allows for maximum freedom of movement (I even climbed a roof with it, but then again I have years of childhood tree-climbing experience, making roof-climbing in formal wear and heels a piece of cake).





You should really check out Rayan’s beautiful selection of dresses (and follow them on Facebook too, for news on new designs).

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