The Coin Clutch

Wearing a design by one of my favorite designers again: this “coin” clutch by Eman Fathy in a neutral palette of soft camo green and woven creme and peach  adds a lot of flare to an outfit otherwise consisting of more plain garments.

The H&M palazzo jumpsuit from two summers ago which I’m also wearing seems to be found in every veiled girl’s closet; after posting the outfit on my Instagram, more than a handful of girls noted that they have the exact same thing. This is generally the case with most items in my closet, and since I’m on a grad student budget this will necessarily remain the case for years to come. The trick then is to wear these common pieces in uncommon ways, putting some sort of personal touch to the whole thing by adding unique accessories that are often more affordable to buy from boutiques etc than entire clothes.

Check out more of Eman’s stuff here and here for outstanding one-of-a-kind additions to your basic wardrobe, whether clutches like this one, folkloric belts, or colorful garments.




What I’m wearing: ethnic print scarf: Charlotte Russe, faux fur: H&M, studded shoulder camo shirt: Vero Moda, palazzo jumpsuit: H&M, clutch: Eman Fathy, peep-toe ankle boots: Forever21, awesome peach colored vintage-look ring: MODA Style First.

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One thought on “The Coin Clutch

  1. lovelyjandl says:

    You are so pretty and your outfit looks great. 🙂

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