The Hegab Fashion Magazine

HegabmagI recently bought this big catalog, with a collection of the best looks of the Hegab Fashion Magazine of 2007…  Get one yourself here! Many nice styles, here are some of those that I found interesting;

Hijab looks

Hijab looks

The catalog also features some of the best of 2007 steps to wrap hijab. I’m loving it! What do you think about these looks, and egyptian hijab fashion in general?

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9 thoughts on “The Hegab Fashion Magazine

  1. Habayeb says:

    I love those outfits! I like it how egyptians wear so many diff n lovely colors however i personally dont think the layered hijabi style would suit me……probably coz ive got a small face and the hijab wud look too huge on me? But it does look pretty on the models!

  2. Naeemah says:

    I love that purple butterfly abaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Celeritas says:

    Purple and olive are great, Masri clothes are fun!

  4. Alixianna says:

    Hmmmm… I do love the multi-wrap hijabs (and Habayeb you can wear them because I too have a little face), but I don`t like tight clothes or neck and ears showing (which alot of Egyptian style showcase). Other than that, mashaÀllah

  5. hani says:

    Marroon gold is just so royal!

  6. esmeralda says:

    i think those styles are very nice but it is hard to get out side doing all this it is too much &far of simplicity

  7. Abeer says:


    Would mind telling me who publishes the magazine. If I want to get in contact with their editors, what is the contact.
    thank you

  8. Sahra says:

    hello all of you,

    It is amazing. Do you know if they have a website where we can buy online. I checked on the net, bu t I do not find.

    Thanks for sharing extraordinary things.

  9. We need a subscription to your magazine and would like to explore creativity and new ideas. The garments are unique.

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